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transcend auto cpap with ezex

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  • Nov 5th, 2017 3:37 pm
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Dec 27, 2013
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transcend auto cpap with ezex

Hi guys, I thought I would post my review of this machine to help anyone out there with sleep apnea.

I recently bought this machine. Thankfully, my insurance covered practically all of it.. The reason I purchased it is because I wanted to find a machine that was portable as my philips resporonics is quite big and weighs in at roughly 8 to 10 pounds with all the wires/cables/etc. and it's very frustrating to travel with.

Anyway, I bought this tiny machine because it looks amazing. Small. Weighs practically nothing. Easy to handle and package for travelling.

The problem is, what it makes up for in durability, it lacks in usability.

I've had it for a few months now and I haven't used it once. I've tried on several occasions, but it's just to damn loud and makes a very whiny noise. I am very surprised by the reviews I read online about how amazing it..... The thing is very very loud.

I also have several different nasal masks that I've used with it and none of them do anything to muffle or reduce the noise.

I am the type of person that falls alseep instantly, with any noise. I don't have any issues sleeping. But this machine is just awful.

Anyway, my advice to any of you looking to buy a portable machine is see if you can try this machine out before committing to it. Unfortunately I can't return it so I'm stuck with it. luckily I didn't pay anything for so I'm not too upset... but now i have to wait until the new year for my credits to reset until I can look to purchase another portable machine.

Lastly, the machines fans are more whiny with the higher pressure settings. I've got a pretty low setting at around 8 and I think it's terrible.

Save your money, don't buy this crap.