Trying to make an itinary of a two-part trip to the Alps (and more) in Europe

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Trying to make an itinary of a two-part trip to the Alps (and more) in Europe

We are from atlantic Canada and we would like to go to Europe for two weeks sometime next year. The main goal would be to ski in the alps. We have a French friend who often goes skiing in Les Trois Vallées (France) so we would like to join her there for maybe two days. She says the ski season ends at the end of march, so we would probably go sometime in march.

I also fantasm of slowly driving through the alps for the magnificient sceneries, going through small villages, etc. This picture is like the ultimate fantasy for me (I realize this is Hallstatt in Austria). We are used to driving in the snow but, I see that (for example) the Route des Grande Alpes is closed in the winter (open june-october). Is it still possible to drive through the alps at the end of the winter without driving on boring highways for hours? We're thinking of maybe 4-5 days at a slow pace. There are so many places, we are having a hard time figuring out what are the most interesting areas for driving/sceneries. Has anyone ever does this type of road trip, what would you recommend?

For the second part of the trip, we would love to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau. I do realize it's almost 1,500KM from the french/swiss Alps, so we would have to take a train or plane. There doesn't seem to be much to do in the Birkeneau area. The closest major city seems to be Prague (which I would like to visit sometime), but it's still a 5-hour drive. What is the typical way to get to Birkenau?
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Not too sure about answering the Alps question, but regarding Auschwitz the main gateway to get there would be Krakow, much close than Prague. You can stay in Krakow and sign up for a day trip from there, or rent a car and do it yourself.