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Dec 26, 2005
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mr_plow wrote: Homer .. Face With Tears Of JoyFace With Tears Of Joy

I ended up jumping on the 65" Vizio px65-g1 from Costco for 1469 (1569 - $100 GC). A 75" would have been nice, but I really didn't feel like there was a worth while deal for a quality one.
Amazon.com has a lightning deal on the 75 model for $1200, came out to $1800 Can.
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Jul 3, 2007
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Jlmcneil wrote: Was looking at the Sony deal but that blew up. Now I was leaning towards the Samsung Q60r (I think that's the one) for 1398. I don't know much about the Vizio, would you say that's the better choice over the Q60r?
Vizio is a great TV ...ive had one for 4 years, the M60 , no issues....

RTings has a good review and they are thorough....

https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/vizio ... antum-2018
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Sep 17, 2008
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Shepherd214 wrote: Amazon.com has a lightning deal on the 75 model for $1200, came out to $1800 Can.
Duties included or is that more after? What happens with the warranty with that?

And also, where do you see it for $1200 on Amazon.com? Maybe a diff model than what I got? I only see the px75-g1 for 1499
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Feb 8, 2011
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malbrax wrote: What do you guys recommend for budget of 1000$
65” to be used in dark room for movies , 4K video games and pc monitor
Jun 10, 2004
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bryceton wrote: Hoping for a nice lower price 65 inch tv, time to replace the plasma,
Shoppers will be selling westinghouse 4k we65uc4119, cant find info about this model though and no clue of price ( I think there will be much better options)

im guessing $499 which would make it good price if yiu have 20x points offer, but is the tv decent?
It is not bad actually. After the 20x points and bonus redemption for something later, effective price was $275 plus tax for a $500 purchase.

Great colour, was happy to see there were no issues with any video source and Netflix worked ok.