U of T Admission Requirements

Sep 25, 2017
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U of T Admission Requirements

If the admission requirements for Earth Science are GR12 Chemistry and GR12 Functions, does that mean I need both of those to minor in Earth Science? Or are they just needed if you intend to major/specialize in Earth Science?
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Aug 15, 2015
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If the admission requirements used the word "and" as opposed to "or". I believe you need both as a minimum to be admitted to the program you mentioned.

Once you get in, you might change your mind. Just make sure you have decent grades so you have more options and always get first picks. Also when you have a moment remember to look at future graduation requirements so that you know what you need to aim for.

Some people don't know why they are studying whatever they are studying the first time they attend university. Some drop out not because they are not smart but because they made a choice. Others graduate because they also made a choice.

Have fun at school and enjoy learning :)