UBC Okanagan or BCIT for Nursing?

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Jan 9, 2009
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UBC Okanagan or BCIT for Nursing?

I was wondering if UBC Okanagan is a good school for nursing or if I should stay in Vancouver and attend BCIT. I heard that once you graduate from BCIT you are then officially a registered nurse. However, I heard that most people have to wait for two years to get into the nursing program in Vancouver. I read a few posts from other sites and it said that UBC Okanagan is easy to get into...although i didnt like reading about how UBC Okanagan is like a community college. Is that true? I do have an 80% average so I think I'll get accepted to UBC Okanagan but I don't want to go there if people think its like a community college. Is it worth it for me to spend a bit over 16,000 at Okanagan for a nursing program?
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Jul 27, 2008
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If you live in Vancouver, then UBC Okanagan is a bit far to go for Nursing. BCIT, Langara College, and UBC gives you a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, so that you may work as a registered nurse when you graduate. You will "officially" be a registered nurse after passing the CRNE, and thereby, successfully obtaining a license. However, with that said, one of the requirements for admission for BCIT is ~30 credits of post secondary education, so you will not be able to apply to it straight from high school. Langara's program is not so much marks based--once you meet their bare minimal cutoff, you're put on a wait list. The current wait list time is approximately 2 years. UBC Vancouver offers an advanced entry Nursing program. You may apply after completing 48 credits in your undergrad; however, it is a competitive program, and entry is based on good grades in your most recent 30 credits, a well written supplemental application and an interview.

Personally, I would not go to Okanagan, but I would apply to BCIT and UBC Vancouver to see what happens. Perhaps applying to Langara as a back up is good too.
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Kwantlen and Douglas are also Bachelor programs as well. You also forgot Trinity Western, UCFV ...

really, it's about making the right choice for you as opposed to what program you're going to. In the end, obviously the program will play a large role in your education, but what you do with your registration as an RN after school is very important too.

I've seen very good and very poor nurses from all programs. I've talked to UBC nurses who didn't have very good things to say about their program for what it gave them. I've seen very good nurses from Kwantlen, for example, that were very happy with their experience as compared to other programs that they had experience with. I get the impression that BCIT churns out good nurses because they kill you with their program and many of their students tend to have degrees already. So, relatively smart people coupled with intense training should equal to decent RN's.

I'm not sayin', i'm just sayin'.

But upon initial assessment, if you mention only these two choices in your post then you don't seem to have done enough research since you're missing 80% of the other programs available or you've already crossed them off your list.

But honestly, UBC Okanagan or BCIT? I'm leaning towards the former, former assessment - not UBC Okanagan.
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