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Unlocked Snapdragon 625 Phones in Canada?

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  • Apr 23rd, 2018 11:51 pm
Nov 18, 2014
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Toronto, Ontario

Unlocked Snapdragon 625 Phones in Canada?

My One Plus X has become painfully slow and the 8 GB storage for apps just isn't cutting it anymore (it hasn't been cutting it for a while now).

So I set out to order a new phone. One Plus is way too expensive these days, with the 6 expected to jump up even higher in price. I don't like to spend more than $300-400 on something I need to upgrade every 2-3 years.

I found out that the Moto G5 Plus is the best budget phone around. However, unsurprisingly, the 4 GB RAM model was never released in Canada (**** you Robellus). A few shady importers on Amazon and Best Buy sell it, for a massively inflated price.

Are there any other mid-range phone options avialable in Canada? The 2 GB RAM model is available, but 2 GB of RAM in 2018 is woefully inadequate.

I'm on a grandfathered BTS plan with Freedom (which now has LTE). The plan is too cheap to qualify for the tab program, and their phone prices are awful, even when subsidized.


- I'm looking to spend $300-400 on an unlocked Snapdragon 625 (or equivalent) phone/3-4 GB RAM in Canada (online)
- Can also buy locally in Toronto if there are any reputable shops
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Jan 18, 2010
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Zenfone 4 $399 on
Honor 7X / Mate SE ~$300 on

Moto g5 has been replaced by Moto G6.

You can also buy phones from and they ship to Canada

But if you can wait, Nokia 6 2018 is likely coming to Canada soon and it's a slightly better and newer phone. Also look out for Zenfone 5z.

Lots of new phones were announced in the last couple of months that should be hitting the shelves in the coming weeks, so I would wait.

One more thing, since you are with freedom, another option is Xperia XA2. Very nice phone for $400 outright.
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