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Upgrade Help - 7D or 5Dmkii from 40D

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  • Mar 20th, 2017 4:12 pm
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Jul 30, 2005
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Upgrade Help - 7D or 5Dmkii from 40D

Currently have a 40D that I have had for at least 10 years. Currently having shutter lag issues, but it still works.

Both would be bought second hand. Both cameras have approx 9k on the shutter.

7D - $475
5Dmkii - $990

-for hobbyist use only, nothing professional at this time but when the time comes it will be portraits.
-probably won't upgrade again for another 10 plus years.
-I have a 2 kids under 2. Will be shooting little kid sports/activites when it comes time
-will use video a lot as well, again mostly family related
-have 2 speedlites, want to explore more off camera and multi strobe scenarios
-current lens line up: 70-200 f4 L, 24-105 L, 100 macro, 10-20 Sigma

One thing about going with the 5Dmkii is the 40D would still have a place in my bag, but I'd have to get the shutter lag fixed. With the 7D it might be redundant.

Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks
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Jun 15, 2012
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If you're going to do a lot of video, get a used 70D. ... nFlag=true ... nFlag=true

For it's dual pixel AF, using your existing 24-105:

For face tracking:

Multi-strobing? Inverse square law, types of modifiers used, minor changes in the position of your stands, etc have a great effect on how hard the light is and where shadows fall. It's a lot easier when you can see this with modelling lights built into your monolights, and a light meter to easily input your settings. Otherwise using speedlights, you'll be firing tons of test shots and chimping to get the right look. Before getting into that type of equipment, take a class, or watch Hurley "Illuminating the Face" or something similar that's free to see the intricacies of studio work and if it's really what you want to get into.
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You really don't need the speed of the 7D if it's just for portrait.

Go for 5D Mark II
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AncasterRFD wrote:
Mar 19th, 2017 1:36 pm
If you're going to do a lot of video, get a used 70D.
What he said. 70D is super awesome for video focus.

PS: You can use 70D built in flash to trigger off-camera canon flash (as long as they support flash mode).
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