UX/UI designers of Toronto, do you have any recommendations for courses?

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Dec 6, 2005
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UX/UI designers of Toronto, do you have any recommendations for courses?

My background is in graphic design and fortunately I have some Learning & Growth budget at work that I'm looking to use to learn UX/UI skills.

Most of the courses I'm considering are from smaller schools (Brainstation, Red Academy, Akendi) since the main colleges don't really offer them in a part-time schedule. I'm just a bit skeptical since I'm unsure about their reputations and quality of courses compared to the bigger colleges.

Are there any courses you guys would recommend to me?
Are there UX/UI certifications I should look into?
Any advice on how to transition to UX/UI as a graphic designer?

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Aug 3, 2005
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Also looking for input to transitioning into this field. I graduated from industrial engineering with a focus on human factors. Previous roles have been BA roles for IT. Been talking to some friends but would love more input into tips to break into this field.
Dec 2, 2014
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London, ON
I studied UX research in graduate school and recently took a course with Akendi as a refresher before doing anything at work. I found the User Experience Research was extremely detailed and well taught but i wouldn't exactly say it's introductory level. The instructor goes into topics people spend full terms learning in university research method courses, like normal distribution and validity coefficients, which I can't imagine anyone outside of an academic setting would use.

If your goal was to run UX sessions, it'd be a great course for you to consider, or else I would personally recommend something like an intensive front-end web development course if you could manage that.

If you have any questions for me shoot me a PM. I'm presently in a Project Management role for a software team within a not-for-profit :)