Vacation Mid June, 2019 Advice

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Nov 7, 2015
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Vacation Mid June, 2019 Advice

Thinking of a Vacation in Mid June 2019. I realize this maybe peak season but unfortunately this is the only time period that works for us. Was wondering if anyone had any tips/advice on where to find the best deals for all-inclusive resorts and/or Cruises? Rough budget 3-4K. 2 Adults. Any info is appreciated. Thank you
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What's your budget? Alaska can be beautiful at that time of year...
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Nov 7, 2015
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speedyforme wrote: What's your budget? Alaska can be beautiful at that time of year...
Sorry shoulda added that in the original post but 3-4K roughly. 2 Adults
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Peak season in mid-June??

The only cruise that would be peak as said is Alaska

You should be getting much cheaper pricing for anything down south, everyone will be looking towards cottage season and lots will have kiddies just finishing school, final exams etc..

In another 2-3 weeks is when we will be hitting peak season for the all inclusives/cruises
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Jun 26, 2011
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With cruises, the expense does go up a bit - you have to take into account flights there and hotel stay (if you are arriving a day earlier as recommended) so you are likely looking at the higher end of your budget. Also, there can be quite a few hidden costs above the cost of the cruise (drink package, excursions, etc) whereas an all-inclusive resort at least gets the drinks out of the way.

Keep in mind June is the beginning of the typhoon season.
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A lot of the NA Cruise Ships MOVE out of the Caribbean in April headed for their Summertime Ports of Call.

So as others have mentioned... Alaska, Bermuda and the Mediterranean.

The US South & Caribbean begin to get unbearably HOT by May (which is part of the reason their school year ends then) so June is indeed the beginnings of Primetime Summer.

As others have noted, with the shift in weather ... comes the downsides to the movement of the jet stream etc. June is the beginning of Hurricane Season in the Atlantic (June 1st to November 30th) and also smack in the middle of Tornado Season in the US Mid West.

June is therefore, the best time of year to enjoy Places further north in the Northern Hemisphere... like Canada, the UK, Scandinavia, and most of Central Europe.

How much of our own great country have you seen ?
Or have you been abroad ?

That’s where i’d Be concentrating my efforts

Are you truly set on an island vacay, then Bermuda might be just the ticket.

Far more moderate a climate than the US Deep South or Caribbean.