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Val-Air - Car Parts/Insurance Scam (Toronto)

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  • Oct 25th, 2017 9:48 am
Nov 7, 2015
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Val-Air - Car Parts/Insurance Scam (Toronto)

The owner of a “premium” Valet Service at Pearson International Airport called Val-Air is running a fraudulent scheme that takes car parts out of cars left in their care. Subsequently, they then stall for time until your insurance is willing to cover the repairs. Val-Air then offers to pay the deductible for you’re insurance but ONLY if the repairs are carried at a specific repair shop. What they purposely fail to disclose is that the owner Val-Air is also the owner or AT LEAST in part closely associated with this specific repair shop.

I left for a conference on Thursday, Sept 21 and left my car and keys with Val-Air at Departures Terminal 1 to be brought to me when I arrive back on Sunday, Sept 24. On Sunday, Sept 24 I received an email early morning from them that my Driver's Airbag had been stolen with no visible signs of damage or forced entry (Red-Flag). At this time they tell me that the incident happened during "vehicle staging" (they would later change their story). They also told me they have reported it to the police and that their insurance will cover my rental as well as the damages. The police have since confirmed on Friday, Sept 29 that NO POLICE REPORT WAS EVER FILED by Val-Air.

Their website ( advertises that their lots are "secure lots that are fully equipped with security cameras, 24/7 security guard, and is fenced for extra protection". This could not be further from the truth. You can see in the images below. There is no 24/7 security and the police have since told me there is no CCTV Footage either. If only I had visited their parking facility before using their service I would never have used them.

Anyways moving on. They first emailed me on Sunday, Sept 24 but according to their insurance agent they only received the claim on Tuesday, Sept 26. Why the delay?

Their insurance on Thursday, Sept 28 called me and declined to cover the damages that occurred on Val-Air's property, while in their care, while they had my keys, and while the car was supposedly in a "secure" lot.

To make matters worse, I receive an email from Val-Air on Friday, Sept 29 stating that their insurance will not cover it. Furthermore they now change their story and say that this occurred "during a employee shift change". Earlier they had said it occurred during vehicle staging? - So what is it?

Nonetheless they mention that are willing to pay my deductible but ONLY if the repairs are done at a specific shop. RED FLAG. I have repeatedly told them that if they pay my deductible my insurance is willing to take the car for repair ANYWHERE, so why does it have to be at this specific shop?

It wasn't surprising to find out that the individual(s) running Val-Air are also running the specific repair shop they mentioned - Woodbridge Autorite. I have repeatedly asked Val-Air to tell me who the owner is but they have declined. What professional business declines to disclose the owner's details especially in a situation like this? Does customer service not take precedent? Do they have a scheme to hide possibly?

More over why did they continue to deceive me that a police report was filed on the date they first emailed me when nothing was ever reported? Because of this deceit the car was in their lot pending a non-existent investigation. I have no idea what they may or may not have done to my car while it was in their lot since Thursday, Sept 21. To make matters worse my car had since been moved when I viewed it after arriving on Sunday, Sept 24 and viewing it again with the police officer on Friday, Sept 29.

There is a lot of trust that goes into using a Valet service. You are trusting them with your property and there is a reasonable understanding their your car will be safe given that it is in a "secure" facility rather than a public parking spot. Unfortunately, Val-Air does not seem to understand this neither does it feel like they care. Val-Air's pricing online are expensive but they entice you by offering cheap Groupon’s for their service and subsequently engage in these shady practices.

Val-Air's story continually changes and they have been not been helpful at all. It is my hope that in going public other customers do not fall victim to their scam. Either Val-Air is directly involved in car part/insurance scam or they are grossly negligent both of which are in the public’s interest to know as soon as possible.
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Oct 18, 2007
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this is where you need to contact CBC and Toronto Star, BBB
Nov 7, 2015
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fuzionx23 wrote:
Oct 12th, 2017 6:51 am
this is where you need to contact CBC and Toronto Star, BBB
I have contacted both CBC and Toronto Star. Unfortunately no response yet.

Also wanted to update the public that I have been keeping up with Val-Air's reviews and this just got posted today (Oct 18). Seems like this company has a pattern of this behaviour. Avoid at all costs.
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Thats very disappointing to find... Personally, I don't trust my car with anyone especially with a valet service. Rather take a cab to and from the airport, much better ease of mind that way.
Hope things turns out better for you soon bud.