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vapour barrier/insulation around electrical panel and rim joist

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  • Nov 11th, 2017 5:59 pm
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vapour barrier/insulation around electrical panel and rim joist

How important is a vapour barrier/insulation around the electrical panel? The electrical panel is currently mounted on a piece of plywood that is then mounted on a couple of 2x4s that are fastened to the concrete wall. THere's no vapour barrier or insulation anywhere.

Also, how important is it to insulate and seal the rim joist that is on the wall under the garage? I can get some XPS in there but some areas are so tight with pipes and ducts that I can't even get a spray foam can in
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Your only as energy efficient as your weakest link. Weakest link = where no or little insulation is.

Your panel should be insulated inbetween the 2x4's behind the panel.

If you can't reach it extend around the area and insulate. So if you need to extend insulation a foot from where you can reach and seal properly with vapour barrior.

Rim joist/basement wall area can loose a significant amount of heat, but in reality is easiets to check in winter after a snowfall. Look at sides of house if snow looks melted or missing from side of house = loosing heat from house = insulate and fix as will save you $$ quickly in heating expenses.