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Vaughan - Dec 4. Lego Discovery Centre free admission w/toy donation

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  • Nov 28th, 2017 10:05 pm
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Feb 11, 2007
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deezz wrote:
Nov 28th, 2017 1:12 pm
Wow that sounds like some serious misinformation, or incomplete information from you two.

You posted the article yourself, and in it it clearly says that the guy that was turned away was there with his 30 year old adult daughter. They were both denied entry without a child. The policy is for all single adults, not just "single males."

Geezus I wish you guys would be a little more thorough in your "research." No offense, but your comments are like click-bait.

After reading the article you posted, I did one Google search of the guy's name + Lego, and lo and behold, Legoland invited him back with an expenses-paid trip paying for his gas both ways, food, free admission for him and his daughter, on his choice of either the adults-only night, or a private tour of the place before opening hours.

http://windsorstar.com/news/windsor-leg ... o-legoland

The information is there on the website, but Legoland still did right by him.

The adults only night was already in place when they had booked their tickets.

If you've got kids, heck, you don't even have to have kids, to appreciate why they would have a no adults without children policy. And it sounds like they've understood that they have tons of single adult fans, having the adults only night from early on too.
You're vigilant defence of Legoland sounds like you either work there or are a helicopter parent.

I have kids and wouldn't care if single adults were in there with us in Lego land. It's a false comfort if you think it's impossible for a mom or dad with kids there to harm your child. You have to be aware and teach your kids to be vigilant regardless of where they are. Many pedophiles are parents too.

I can't even recall any other place where single adults are not allowed (schools don't count since there's no purpose for an adult to be there alone).... Disneyland, Wonderland, Aquarium, Science Centre, even playgrounds are not off limits.
Should Legoland also ban other potential threads? Maybe terrorist stereotypes?

In all likelyhood it's just a rule to make helicopter parents "feel" better. As if pedophiles are going to a public place like Legoland to rape children? Or maybe adults tend to hog the legos and get in the way of fun for the kids.
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Dec 3, 2006
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engineered wrote:
Nov 28th, 2017 3:00 pm
You're vigilant defence of Legoland sounds like you either work there or are a helicopter parent.
Oh my god you got me!

There's a difference between vehemently defending their policy, and just simply understanding why they would have it in place.

But hey, your hyperbole was fun to read.
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