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Very bad customer service @ G&F financial group

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  • Jul 17th, 2015 7:12 am
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Jan 26, 2005
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Very bad customer service @ G&F financial group

i had a very bad experience with G&F financial group

i had this promotion last year ... YourShare/

So I went in there last weekend and tried to close my seven months account. After the teller review my account, she said that they have to remove the sign up bouns because i am not using the account.

i talked to the teller and the branch manager and basically they said the same thing. i asked them many time to show me the T&C which they can remove my sign up bouns because i am not using my account.

They never show me the T&C. They just keep saying " it is obvious you open the account for sign up bouns. So we need to remove the sign up bouns.. blah blah blah. " They are basically calling me a lair.

Anyways, i wasted half hour. Failed close my account. i cannot withdraw my money and left with anger.
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Jul 4, 2004
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They have to show you the terms and agreements to the account/promotion. Even their web page say's "*Terms and conditions apply. Speak to a G&F Financial Group representative for details." If they can't provide you with the documentation, or as far as I'm concerned mentioned this when you had first opened the account, then you should be entitled to this.

You can ask them to escalate this higher up and worst case scenario contact the Ministry of Consumer Affairs to report a promotional fraud.
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Sep 23, 2009
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It's 2015 and they are unwilling to put the terms and conditions for a promotion on their website.

That's a pretty darn big red flag to me.