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very low sales from organic search and Direct customers

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Nov 17, 2004
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very low sales from organic search and Direct customers


This is my traffic summary for March

organic: 0.1% conversion rate, 36.6% bounce rate

Direct: 0.6% conversion rate, 54% bounce rate

Referral: 6.8% conversion rate, 48.9% bounce rate

The organic traffic that comes through search engine is usually a google of my product or company name, search does not seem to drive visitors to my site but rather serves as another way to get to my product pages.

I did not have a google adwords campaign running for the last 4 years. Initially I did do adwords, but it was mostly wasted money as I had other bigger kinks in my business to iron out. Do my stats scream that I should start adword again, or do they scream do not spend another dime on adwords?

Referral traffic usually comes from various online forums in which users post positive experiences with my product.

To the experts out there, what is the interpretation of my stats, and what can I easily do to get more information about why Direct and Organic brings in so few sales?

My product is a niche product, to the customer it is pretty much a black box with a single output. Perhaps it is just the way my market segment is, any new customers that arrive on my site will then google reviews of my product, read the reviews of my product and then proceed back to my site using the link in the review. I am just trying to make sense of the figures.
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Jul 7, 2004
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Can't tell without seeing your product and site. Differnet products have different conversion rates.
I have a low conversion rate on my main site because it's more so people curious than actually looking to buy. And my products are also $100-$1000.
Your sales page is probably shitty. Your referral conversion is high because it's a personal recommendation. Your organic and direct are low because it's a bad sales page.
That's my guess without any idea what your product is. But of course a referral will always be higher as it's like word of mouth and personal recommendation.

Focus on imporoving your sales page and conversions and focus more on getting more personal recommendations.
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Dec 3, 2009
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In small business, there is no shame having your referral rates high with everything else low. In many cases that's how it is.
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