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[Videotron] Fizz Cellular Service $27/month Québec prov./Ottawa region Unlimited Minutes + SMS + VM + 1 GB LTE data

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Apr 10, 2011
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[Videotron] Fizz Cellular Service $27/month Québec prov./Ottawa region Unlimited Minutes + SMS + VM + 1 GB LTE data

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Vidéotron has launched a new discount cellular service called Fizz available to residents of the province of Québec and the greater Ottawa region.

It’s on a quick LTE network; the same as Vidéotron's.

It's Bring Your Own Device; you need an unlocked cellular phone. You can NOT buy a phone with Fizz.

There’s no credit check since it's all pre-paid. Credit cards, Visa debit, MasterCard debit and pre-paid credit cards also work.

There is no contract, you can cancel at any time, no strings attached.

Every month, unused data rolls over for the next 2 billing cycles. You can also "gift" unused data to other Fizz members or receive gifts from them.

There's a data exchange here.

A SIM card will cost you $10 and will be delivered to you by courier.

There is a referral program. Once you are a customer, you get a referral code that you can give to someone to use when they join Fizz and order/activate their SIM card. When that person makes her/his second monthly payment, you will both get a $25 credit. That's a $25 credit EACH!

If you don't have someone's referral code, GET ONE BEFORE ORDERING your SIM card to get the $25 credit.



Here is a link to a little "How to" guide on registering with Fizz and ordering a SIM card with a referral code on a Desktop or a Laptop.

Here is the pricing:

You start with the mandatory minimum of $10: you get nothing! :-)
(Maybe Fizz holds your phone number for this price.)

Then you ADD what you want:
$3 Unlimited text messaging (incoming are free);
$7 Unlimited minutes;
$2 Voice mail;
$2 Canada coverage;
$10 Canada + USA coverage.

Select ONE amount of data IF desired:

1 GB $5
2 GB $8
4 GB $15
6 GB $21
8 GB $24
10 GB $31
12 GB $36
14 GB $44
16 GB $50
18 GB $56
20 GB $62

Free stuff everyone gets: Call display, Call waiting, Conference calling and Call forwarding.

- - - - -

Is Fizz right for me?

I'm a happy Fizz customer since early October 2018. It's a good product at a discounted price. But there has been problems and there are still issues going on (see the known issues here). To be happy with Fizz, you have to know what you are getting into and which kind of customer you are BEFORE making the move.

Fizz is not just Vidéotron mobile with another sticker on it. In the long run, people will benefit from being on a tested, proven reliable cellular network like Vidéotron's but the Website, Customer Service, registration, billing, etc. is a start-up and for the moment, it's still experiencing growing pains. But issues are being resolved everyday.

Let's face it, there are people for whom everything will go smoothly and will feel smart for saving money month after month while others seem to attract nothing but problems and will feel like they have made the biggest mistake of their life. Now why is that?

Here is the profile of someone for whom Fizz might be a bad idea:
- If you are used to just call someone in Montreal whenever there's the slightest problem and to have it fixed immediately;
- If you expect every little marginal feature to work right now and all the time;
- If you can't suffer any down time at all for any reason whatsoever because your wife is due any day now or you are a brain surgeon on call 24/7, maybe Fizz is not for you at the moment.

You have to be a bit tech savvy to go with Fizz, at ease with the new ways of communicating like chat, Messenger, community forums, etc. and I don't mean this in a condescending way, just know who you are. With those means of communications, sometimes it takes a little more time to get understood and get satisfaction. If you plan to hook-up Grandma on Fizz and leave her on her own to register, order a SIM card, activate it, select a plan and deal with any potential problem, maybe that's not a good idea. (Sorry Grandma - I know you could. :))

To have lower prices, Fizz cuts costs by outsourcing customer service overseas with employees for whom English or French is sometimes a second or third language with probably a minimal understanding of what the product is. So if you encounter a difficulty along the way and need help from customer support, a little patience is going to be needed as it might take more time to get understood and get satisfaction than when you just make a phone call to a "local" Customer Support Representative from the legacy carriers that charge you big $$$.

Otherwise, it's a smooth ride towards a good product with big savings. But if you are a demanding customer, "tech-phobic" or "attract" problems, maybe the other $$$ full-priced providers with local "just a phone call away" customer service are more suited for you.

Every big company has thousands of dissatisfied customers that will complain in any given year. Just look at Bell or Rogers. But they also have hundreds of thousands of customers who are satisfied. Yet you don't hear from those customers. Ask yourself, is Fizz such a bad product? Or is it a case of people for whom things go wrong tend to be vocal about it and post everywhere, loudly, while people for whom things go smoothly or aren't too demanding tend NOT to write about it?

The main advantages about Fizz (beside the low prices) are the monthly rolling over of unused data for the next two billing cycles and the "gifting" between Fizz's subscribers which permits you to select a monthly plan with less data than what you might subscribe for on another carrier. There is also the referral program which gets the "referrer" AND the "referree" a $25 credit EACH!

One last thing to consider: for many years, people have been complaining that there's no real competition in the telecommunication industry with all the discount brands offering similar products at similar prices. Then comes along a new offering (Fizz) with more flexible options and lower prices. What have some done? They used Fizz as leverage to get the same deal with their current provider instead of giving Fizz a chance. Nice! (It's in the thread.) After many years with your current provider, did they ever call you to offer you a cheaper deal? That's something to think about.

- - - - -

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Disable any ad-blocker before registering or trying to reach Fizz by chat.

Since the thread is getting very long and it might discourage some from reading the whole thing, I have “compacted” my replies to about 100 questions that were asked among the first 850 posts of this thread in the form of an easy to read FAQ.

I have deleted those replies from the thread and also omitted some replies that were answers to very obvious questions and some replies about the beta testing period since it’s no longer available.

The process of deleting my replies also meant deleting about 100 upvotes for myself. So I hope that the next time you see one of my posts, you will remember to upvote it if you find it useful or amusing. :)

Can I have multiple phone numbers or lines in the same account?
Yes, that’s the easiest way, one account, one email address, one password. Or you could open multiple accounts to get multiple $25 referral credits. Get a referral code from “someone” ;-) to open your first account “A”. Then “A” refers “B” then “B” refers “C”, etc. It’s one referral code per account, not one referral code per SIM card.

Where are Fizz stores located?
With Fizz, everything is digital. There are no Fizz stores to browse for a phone since Fizz does not sell nor lease any phone; it’s Bring Your Own Device. You can not get a SIM card at a Vidéotron kiosk either. Fizz and Vidéotron are separate companies.

Can I customize my own plan?
There are preset plans on the Website or you can very easily customize your own with only the options you want.

Can I get this if I’m living in Toronto?
In theory, no. Fizz is intended for subscribers in the province of Québec and the greater Ottawa region. That’s the subscription zone. If you roam more than 50% of the time for 3 months in a row you risk disconnection.

Can I port in my number from Saskatchewan?
No, you can only port in a number from the province of Québec or the Ottawa region.

What are Fizz’s coverage zones?
Fizz is intended for subscribers from the province of Québec and the greater Ottawa region. That’s the subscription zone which is also the Québec coverage region. There’s the Canada coverage region which as the name indicates permits subscribers to use their phone anywhere in Canada. The Canada + USA coverage is the same deal but with obviously the USA included. You can receive phone calls/texts messages from anywhere in the World as long as you are within the coverage zone you selected for your plan.

What happens if I’m traveling outside Fizz’s network territory?
If you are in Canada, outside Fizz’s network territory, you will roam on Rogers, Bell or Telus. If you are in the USA, you will roam on AT&T or T-Mobile. Roaming is included without any other fee if you have the right coverage already included in your plan be it Canada or Canada + USA. Otherwise, you will be charged by the minute/per message/GB from the money you have already put in your Fizz wallet or you can buy an add-on.

Can I change my plan?
Yes. The change will take effect at the beginning of your next billing cycle. If you are a beta tester and make a change in your plan you will lose your preferred beta pricing and have to pay the current price. Wait for your beta testing period to be over before making a change in your plan. The beta testing period has been extended by 2 extra months for a total of 5 months.

Is an add-on considered a change of plan?
No, an add-on like adding minutes to use in the USA is not considered a change of plan.

Can I get a new number but port in my current number later?
Yes, when you activate a new SIM card, you can select a new number. Later, when you are ready to port in your old phone number, you will have to buy a new SIM card and activate it by selecting “Transfer a number to Fizz”. Then you will cancel the original SIM with the first number you got. Don’t do this while being a beta tester as it would void your beta testing preferred pricing. You would then have to pay current prices.

What will I pay when my beta testing period is over?
From Fizz: "You will be notified well before your three-month [edit: 2 extra months have been added for a total of 5 months of beta testing] discount comes to an end. And at that point in time, you will still have access to the introductory prices we revealed today.

Are there advantages for families or group of friends who use Fizz?
Families might save serious money with Fizz because of the rollover data for 2 billing cycles and the gifting between subscribers. You might get away with less data per user knowing that data will rollover if one month you use less and that you can gift between the family members if you are short one month. There is more flexibility with Fizz, you waste less data. But please note that rollover data can not be gifted and that gifted data will not rollover. Also, you cannot re-gift data.

Can I give away an extra SIM card that I have ordered with my account but not activated?
Yes, SIM cards are not locked to the specific account from which they were ordered and can be activated in an other account.

Once I have subscribed, are the prices locked in?
Yes, prices are locked for as long as you don’t make changes to your plan.

How do I port multiple numbers to Fizz?
Start with activating a Fizz SIM card by porting a secondary number, then a second one, then a third, etc. Finish with the main number linked with your previous provider. That will close your account. If you start by porting your main number first, your former provider might close your account immediately and drop your secondary numbers. In any case, do not contact your previous provider about your intention to leave and let Fizz do everything.

Do I need data to send/receive MMS?
Yes, you need texts and data to send/receive MMS.

Can I port in a VoIP number or a land line phone number to Fizz?
At the moment, that is not possible.

There are 2 places to enter a referral code, when you order a SIM card and when you activate it. Is one sufficient or do I need to input it twice?
When you get the chance to enter it while ordering the SIM card, do it then. If you get the chance again to enter it during the activation of the SIM, enter it again; it can't hurt. If you don't see it and you are about to click "Place my order", step back and/or cancel and start again after having deleted your cookies and Internet cache with CCleaner. If you DON'T enter a referral code, you WON'T get the $25 credit and it's not retro-active. Fizz won't do anything for you afterward if you register WITHOUT a referral code.

When I created my new plan, I used a referral code from a fellow RFD member but I didn't click the green button validating the referral code. Obviously, I didn't receive the confirmation email about my $25 credit. It's been already a week, can I do anything?
Unfortunately no, others have tried. Referral bonuses are not retro-active. Be careful when registering. The only thing you could do is cancel everything and ask for a refund under the 15 day refund policy. Clear your cookies and Internet cache with CCleaner then open a new account with another email address and repeat the process using as many different things as possible to maximize the chances that it works and that you get your $25 credit. You could use the same credit card, a debit card or a pre-paid credit card. If you can, use your work address instead of your home address, under another name, change IP address, change browser, etc.

Are local calls and texts add-ons unlimited?
No, it’s 60 minutes/200 outgoing texts.

How do I reach Fizz Customer Support?
Support is through the Web site only via chat, Messenger, email or contact forms. There are also two Community Forums: one in English and one in French. There is no phone number to call to get support. A contact form automatically opens a ticket. Give as much details as possible.

1) Email:

2) Chat: Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm and Saturday + Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.
You can click on the chat bubble during the available hours at the bottom right corner of every Fizz Web page once you are logged into your account. Disable any ad-blocker. When it's very busy and the wait times get too long, the bubble disappears sometimes.

Here is an alternate way to force it to appear:
Login your account;
Click on “Help”;
In “Popular topics” click on any subject;
Scroll down to the bottom;
In the right corner the chat bubble will appear after 15 seconds;
If you see “login” at the top of your screen, you have to login again even if you have already logged-in and repeat the process;
If the bubble still doesn’t appear, try a few hours later;
Click on the bubble and type your question;
You will see what position you are in the queue;
Sometimes, it can be very long before you can chat with someone - one hour, 90 minutes, etc.

3) Facebook Messenger

4) Contact form
Login your account.
My profile > Contact forms > Submit a complaint

5) As a last resort, in case of emergency, login your account and click My plans > Manage plan > Unsubscribe
You won’t be immediately unsubscribed but the bubble will appear.
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Edit : Dec 7,

Decided to edit this post besause Fizz is nowhere near ready for prime time and is still very much in beta. Too many outages in the last week. No service Dec 7 from 9am to pretty much all customers. Just,Google fizz outages you'll see the complaints.

Buyer beware. Don't switch until they ironed out their issues. Personally am leaving and switching back to a real provider cuz it's too ridiculous for now
Can't afford having no phone for a whole day.

Edit : Tuesday December 11th, 10:15 a.m.

Next week, Fizz will implement corrective measures in order to address the instabilities that occurred recently. Until then, some members will only have access to the 3G/4G HSPA network.

Preparing for another " Fizz Blackout Friday "™️

Edit Dec 12 :

Certain customers are currently experimenting call drops. The cause has been identified and the investigation is underway.

Fizz apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Thank you,


Edit : outage 10 hours+ March 26 2019

April 2 2019 : outage 6 + hours ( varied by region)
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Toronto, ON
glad I made the switch 2 weeks ago :)

Thanks for the update btw.
Apr 30, 2017
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Do anybody know how long the "launch price" will last? What i mean, if i switch now, will they keep XX price for as long as i keep the account open? Or will it last only the first XX months, right after, the prices will chage?
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amgra77 wrote: Do anybody know how long the "launch price" will last? What i mean, if i switch now, will they keep XX price for as long as i keep the account open? Or will it last only the first XX months, right after, the prices will chage?
It remains the price u locked in,
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May 30, 2015
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stephroll wrote: It remains the price u locked in,
stephroll wrote: Just a note , these are special " launch " prices .

source ? TYIA
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stephroll wrote: It remains the price u locked in,
Sure doesn't look that way:

Looking to save some money with BETA-test rates? You can take advantage of extremely low rates between $1 and $8 for 3 months and highly competitive rates after our official launch.
Nov 14, 2017
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Yeah I was also wondering and found this:

-Your phone number must be activated with Fizz no later than November 20.

*What will happen after the beta period?

-We would love for you to stay. You’ll be charged regular rates after this period, which will still be among the most competitive on the market.
May 30, 2006
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Is it too late to get in on this? When you go to "Create your mobile plan" it says your number has to be activated no later than November 20. Does this mean registration is closed until the official launch?
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Lucidlife wrote: Yeah I was also wondering and found this:

-Your phone number must be activated with Fizz no later than November 20.

that was for the beta phase which has nothing to do with this thread. They probably forgot to remove it.
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Montreal, QC
To take advantage of the beta pricing, your phone number must be activated with Fizz before Tuesday, November 20 at midnight.

Looks like you'll be getting your SIM card too late? Come back Wednesday, November 21 to see our introductory prices.

and now the sim cards are 5$ rip


I do see the launch price thing tho im confused
Sep 28, 2008
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Thanks OP for posting.

I am questioning the dollar value in the thread title: Unlimited voice + text + 8 GB data LTE $37 per month. Wouldn't that be $45 per month instead of $37? $8 for line + $6 for unlimited minutes + $2 for unlimited text + $29 for 8 GB?

Still decent, but I was comparing to my current pricing with Videotron with 4 lines at 6 GB for about $35 each.
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They do not ship the SIM card everywhere in Quebec even though their service is available.

Come on Pierre Karl!
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ripsnort wrote: Thanks OP for posting.

I am questioning the dollar value in the thread title: Unlimited voice + text + 8 GB data LTE $37 per month. Wouldn't that be $45 per month instead of $37? $8 for line + $6 for unlimited minutes + $2 for unlimited text + $29 for 8 GB?

Still decent, but I was comparing to my current pricing with Videotron with 4 lines at 6 GB for about $35 each.
The line fees are included in the data rates
Oct 3, 2014
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Do Videotron kiosk sell sim card for Fizz?


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