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[Visions Electronics] Apple Airpods $178

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  • Nov 22nd, 2018 5:41 pm
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Apr 12, 2009
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saig0nn wrote: Anyone know if this is legit?
https://www.ebay.ca/itm/BRAND-NEW-FACTO ... :rk:2:pf:0

$179.99 + HST, and you can use HAPPY5 coupon for $5 off. making it $198 after tax

Model number is MMEF2BE/A compared to MMEF2C/A (What visions and bestbuy sell)
I bought 2 from the same seller about 1.5-2 weeks ago (price was at $184 then) and they're factory sealed, authentic Apple AirPods. Received them about a week after ordering.
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Sep 19, 2015
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I've been using AirPods for over a year now, I got mine locally in Toronto from a mom and pop computer store who were selling them for $190 all in.

After a year, I still love these. I use them everyday on my commute, and during workouts. The battery life hasn't really diminished too much, and I never leave home without them. I love that they're discrete, small and decent good sound quality for what they are. I have to say that they are my best and favourite electronic accessory that I own. I used to have my noise cancelling wireless Sennheiser, which I found bulky and hot to use especially during workouts and the summer.

Call quality on them are also very nice, very clear. No one has complain to me or even know I was using AirPods when I would be talking to them.

If you been on the fence about AirPods, highly recommend as I would not go back to bulky headphones ever again. Jabra Elite 65t are similar but I don't have firsthand experience in using them, though I read and watched reviews that all say they're pretty nice too.
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May 3, 2005
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Has anyone seen better deals for Black Friday on these so far?
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Oct 4, 2012
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Wireless Wave for $199 but not as good of a deal.
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Mar 13, 2007
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I was able to PM London drugs in Calgary . They call visions and they told them Visions are all out, but I can still place an order. Base on that, he PM’ed for me.