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Jul 13, 2009
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TR isn't competing with CoD. CoD is multiplayer. The reason it isn't doing well is because it's been released so close to Spider-Man and AC Odyssey – both being large open-world singleplayer games with tons of hours of content that people haven't finished yet, whose franchise names have more cachet than TR's right now. And of course with RDR2 right around the corner – another large open-world narrative-focused game (with multiplayer too) people are saving up their money for that, or bet that they won't finish TR by RDR2's release day so they might as well wait it out.

The notion that multiplayer games are taking over is incorrect. CoD was always known mainly for its mp, so that move to mp-only is no surprise. When WoW hit it big, tons of studios tried to ride the hype-train and release their own MMOs and most failed; many try to copy the last big surprise success, but most of those surprise successes were a success because they were creating something new, so it usually doesn't work out for copycats. Battle royale mode is the new king-of-the-hill, the new capture-the-flag, the new MMO, the new recharging health, the new open-world, etc. It's a trend and studios will follow it. It won't take over though.

Publishers need to better learn to spread out their titles over the entire year instead of concentrating everything in Q4. It would've sold well in spring/summer. Its poor sales just signify bad planning, not the death of single-player games.