Walt Disney Deals From Toronto???

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  • Jun 14th, 2005 9:45 am
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Nov 8, 2004
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rcconline wrote:Where did you stay? On site or off site?
When did you go (low, medium, of high season)? IF at different times, how did you find the crowd? weather? etc...
The first time (May) I stayed semi-off site at the Wyndham Palace. The room was nice and big but the staff was pretty bad and the bus service wasn't as nice as Disney's. The second time (May) I stayed at the Caribbean Beach and the Animal Kingdom Lodge ... Third time (December) I stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the fourth time (Sept/Oct) I stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Polynesian.

May and October are considered regular season and September and December (first few weeks) are considered low season. December had the least amount of people ... all of the rides were walk-ons or 5 minute waits. May and October were busier with 15-25 minutes on average... 30-45 minutes for the more popular rides. I've never gone during busy/holiday season... the rates are much more expensive and it can get pretty crowded. If you stay on property, you can take advantage of Extra Magic Hour where each park opens 1 hr earlier to Disney resort guests than to the general public. Those are awesome especially for Magic Kingdom!

May is really nice ... its hot and not too humid and if you like Star Wars they have Star Wars Weekends :) I'm not too sure about what September and October are suppose to be like weather wise because we showed up a day after the hurricanes passed. It was extremely humid (like August) and there were a ton of bugs.. but the good thing about October is Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party where you can go trick-or-treating! December I've heard can vary ... when we went in 2003, the weather was cool 16C during the day but very breezy and about 10-12C at night. December is also nice because of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and the parks/resorts are all decorated for Christmas.
Mar 8, 2005
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Anyone heard of the Tropical Palms Cottages? ( My travel agent recommended them as a good alternative to a hotel. I looked at their site and it seems very suitable (we have a 2.5 yr old daughter) with what they offer, and the rates seem really good. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them or other similar places.
Feb 25, 2004
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Have you looked at flights from Buffalo to Orlando on JetBlue? You have to connect through NYC JFK but they have a flight every hour so it's not so bad. The rates are cheaper on Tuesday for the days I looked.

You can compare the prices for flights out of Buffalo using
Feb 25, 2004
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I recommend you look for tickets on or If you subscribe to the newsletter you can save even more. I paid $207US for my adult 10 day no hop no options ticket 2 weeks ago. I paid $164US for children. Free shipping to Canada for a limited time. They have all kinds of tickets. I chose to buy more days instead of more options.
Dec 8, 2003
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Not sure when in August you're planning, but this was announced a couple weeks ago. VERY nice Freebie! Wish I could change our dates.

Check or as I'm always recommending on here:, mousesavers,