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Warning - is a scam

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Apr 23, 2017
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Warning - is a scam

This post serves as a warning to others who would like to know more about before booking with them as there is barely any information online, all of the supposed "testimonials" on their website are absolutely fake and I just got scammed.

I bought 2 tickets to a country in South Asia, searched for the flights, went through the whole process and paid the full price. After paying, I received an email saying that everything went through and is successful. I felt great but then I noticed that the ticket wasn't in that email, no itinerary, nothing which was fishy but I said I'll wait for it, they might send the ticket hours later or something. So, I waited and waited. Nothing. So, I called them and asked them about it. Guess what?

They said they needed a "second" payment which was almost double what I already paid. I told them I just paid the full amount. They're like sorry, a second payment is required.

So, I paid hundreds of dollars just for a congratulatory email.

TL; DR: Don't book with them, it's all a scam.
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Apr 16, 2002
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presumably it was all paid with credit card? If so, you're protected. File chargeback with card issuer and let them deal with all the nonsense.
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Apr 23, 2005
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No offence, but that site is full of bad English/grammar, and screams scam.

I looked for 2 mins and could tell that company isn't credible.
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Dec 9, 2001
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While the grammar is questionable, they actually have a full page on the 2-step payment process, so they are not hiding anything: ... nt-process

I haven't looked further to see if it's all a scam, but assuming you pay with a reputable credit card, you should be protected if you still don't get an e-ticket after 2nd payment.