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Way to avoid outrageous UPS/FedEX brokerage fees !

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  • Dec 7th, 2017 11:03 am
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Based on HST or 13% (ONT) you would have taxes of $39.00 on the item itself but you would also have HST on DHL service fee in that total. As for duty payable, unless we know what the item is or where it originated no one can answer that question. Did DHL not give you a classification number that you can use to see what the duty is?
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thediamondshopper wrote:
May 12th, 2017 4:09 am
I ship with both Fedex and UPS all the time and there are a few tricks
1. Open an account with them and have a credit card on file tell the shipper to put you account number to bill duties and taxes to. For some shipments with Fedex you can upload you own docs.
Appreciate the tip - Tried this today... Created new account after multiple failed attempts (submit button not working on Safari, multiple refreshes and finally submitted, but received page display error on Chrome - but appears account was created). Now how do I get a FedEx account number?? I was never prompted for a credit card.

When I go to FedEx > My Profile > Account Management -- I am asked to enter an account number. But I don't have one yet FedEx, because you haven't given it to me! Ugh. Either I am dense or this website really is horrible to use. Guess will try calling them.


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