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What do you use for cold/flu prevention and recovery?

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Aug 4, 2012
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What do you use for cold/flu prevention and recovery?

I suppose it's that time of year again, isn't it? Let's talk about colds and what works for us here in Canada.

For prevention, I take Vitamin C every day along with a multivitamin, cook with a bit more garlic than usual, jog indoors during the winter and get the flu shot. It works well enough, I never get the flu but I do get at least one week-long cold a year (an improvement over when I was a kid and was sick nearly all winter.)

For getting better, I swear by Buckley's Complete and gargling with salt water. I've also started to take 16mg of ephedrine a day when I start to feel cold symptoms coming on: I buy the Kaizen brand from Fitshop for exercising, and it really helps with my breathing when I'm stuffed up. It's a good routine and I'm definitely doing better with colds than I used to, but there's room for improvement.
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Dec 19, 2001
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Fernando Po
Neti potting after exposure to others with potential flu or daily, 1000iu of vitamin D (to prevent flu not cold), don't touch your face esp. nose, wash your hands after touching objects, when infected by flu, take Olive Leaf extract Oleuropein 20% or greater). I got the flu two years ago I thought was just a run of the mill cold except for the brief fever. Was tested, found to be influenza A (that was a year where the flu shot was the wrong strains). Believe I had mild symptoms because of the vD and the OLE. I have asthma and other lung issues and usually it takes months to get over the resulting chronic cough, that time didn't even get a cough. There are some side effects of the OLE but I don't recall what they were.
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Aug 31, 2017
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+1 for Buckley's. I literally went from death bed to bench press in no time.