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What does it mean when your tax return is "In process"?

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  • Aug 17th, 2018 9:51 am
Jun 6, 2018
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Incredible. NetFiled March 6th. Review Letter received on April 13th. Sent docs in on April 16th (the fax couldn't get through prior to the 16th). Received confirmation that information was received on April 18th. On April 30th, I was given guidance that the return would be ready, latest, May 18th. On May 22nd, I received guidance that it would be ready on May 30th. On June 5th, my accountant called on my behalf and received guidance that it would be June 28th. Today I called out of confusion and was given guidance that it will be July 8th.

Oh, I bought a house and the closing is on July 3rd. I need the return for the closing, not great. I figured I filed early enough to leave ourselves a very wide margin of safety. The guidance from the CRA I have been given along the way has been guesswork, in my view. Obviously, this is a dysfunctional department within our government, but that many different answers for when to expect an NOA is damaging.
Dec 6, 2016
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Calgary, AB
benice1980 wrote:
Jun 7th, 2018 4:21 pm
Sorry if I sound stupid. .lol what does noa stand for .
I have been following this post as well. I just checked after months of nothing and I can see a zero balance (which I owed thousands) and a date of June 18 ? But don't see anything as yet. Maybe working on it. I guess time will tell
NOA - notice of assessment. Refund is the same date as the NOA. You could try viewing your statement of account it might have some more info.
Dec 6, 2016
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Calgary, AB
Emma250 wrote:
Jun 7th, 2018 4:30 pm
Just checked our account. Finally assessed! NOA will be available June 14. No deposit date given. You can click on Refund or Balance Owing, and it will give some details. Does anyone know if the NOA date is supposed to be the same date as the deposit date?
Yes, NOA date is the same day as direct deposit or date of cheque.
Jun 5, 2018
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JRUSH123 wrote:
Jun 7th, 2018 7:33 am
My understanding is that the "MyCRA" was designed for mobile devices, vs. the fully functional site - which is just the CRA site. I actually don't think they redesigned anything, both sites have been around for a long time. I just want my tax return back, but if they got with the times they would design an app for the iphone and android platforms.
I have been signing into My Account on the exact same desktop computer since I filed in April and the site is way different as of my login yesterday compared to my login last week.
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Nov 24, 2012
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I filed in April, then I get a message that the CRA didn’t get my return. Had to refile and wait again. How do you “lose” a electronic return is beyond me. I had to refile in June and waiting again.
May 29, 2018
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Today i called CRA about my 2017 tax return which i have filed Feb 26. The agent gave me an estimated time to complete my return by June 20. Let's see.
Apr 8, 2018
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So now that I know that NOA date should be same date of deposit and since it's Monday it may come in Saturday am depending on bank. I bank with Tangerine, anyone else here get their refund even earlier....cause with Tangerine I normally get my pay deposit a day earlier.

Just wondering????
May 18, 2018
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ZafreenP535764 wrote:
Mar 5th, 2018 12:48 pm
Still saying in process .. since Feb 26.. cra confirmed reciept and said it will go right from in process to assessedbut can take up to 4 weeks.. they won’t confirm if they are delayed.. anyone else have new info to share?
Honestly we cant believe the dates that CRA gives us. I calles them last week and they said 6-8 weeks.
I just got offthe phine with them and they told me my taxes could takw up to July 15. Nevwr ending with them
Jun 8, 2018
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I netfiled in April and my $4000 return is still “in process.” Which is annoying but even more so is the fact that I am also waiting on repayment of $5000 from an appeal I won on March 8th after an audit/reassessment of my 2016 taxes. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have paid the disputed total before the appeal process was definitively over but the CRA person I spoke to said that if I didn’t pay, the amount would be sent to collections, thus impacting my credit score (I now know this was incorrect information).

It’s annoying that there is no recourse and $9000 of my money is being held in limbo (an additional $1000 in back pay for my CCB was deposited in April thankfully). The worst part is that there is zero information available online for any step of the way, especially during an appeal. Way to be transparent with my money...
May 28, 2018
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I am onto 2.5 months of waiting for the NOA. I have made calls, talked to my accounting firm... nothing. It's painful.....
Jun 10, 2018
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Filed March 27th and still waiting. Does anyone know how the interest is payed back on our returns?
May 18, 2018
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We get 4% compounded daily interest. However we have to claim the interest on our taxes next year. Which means we will have to pay some of that interest back.
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Mar 4, 2018
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Nooothing. My situation stills in "is being processed". Filed on Feb 26. Already sent slips on March 19th. This is a long waiting!!!!!!!!! Who voted for liberals?!!!!! grrrrr
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Mar 13, 2018
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Apparently the excuse now is that they have been catching up on faulty returns from 2016 and this is the reason for such a long delay... whatever...