What to expect from visiting a government recruiter

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Dec 28, 2010
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What to expect from visiting a government recruiter

A recruiter from the Navy contacted me. At first I thought it was a scam but then I checked his credentials and he appears to be genuine. So we made an appointment. The Navy is recruiting for many positions and I wonder if any recruiters out there can give their opinion about the following:

1) I am very interested in working with a solid employer - so the Navy sounds pretty good to me. I'm not the youngest anymore and have been employed in logistics, accounting and marketing. The recruiter asked for a resume. When working on my resume should I focus on one industry only? I have been in accounting for the last few years but can argue that I have experience in the other industries as well. I ask this because with all the other government applications my resume was as long as they permitted, certainly longer than the 2 pages they require nowadays.

2.) What should I do / shouldn't do? It's nice of course that this recruiter has contacted me but this doesn't mean anything at this time. How do I improve my chances when I visit him?

Thanks for your time.
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