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What is the greatest game ever made?

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  • Sep 19th, 2017 4:07 pm
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Oct 27, 2016
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Oh, I forgot to mention the Commandos series. I've killed hours and hours with Commandos.
Jan 22, 2017
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it depends on how you score the best....games to me that really shaped gaming we know.

super mario... cmon its mario.

street fighter 2... this game spawned an entire genre and it still going strong today. competition is strong.

counterstrike... game started out as a mod and then ignited fps online multiplayer to a whole new level.

warcraft 2... i think this was the game that sparked online multiplayer for most of the early gamers out there. back when battle.net didn't exist. this game brought us kali and gamespy and that in turned made game devs make online multiplayer pretty much a permanent thing in all games going forward.

final fantasy 7... ok when this sucker came out. it pushed that psx hardware to it's limits... came out on what...6 or 7 cd's?? and it pretty much put the playstation on the map.
i think this game alone was the sole reason most ppl bought a playstation during that time.

DOTA... again another game the create a genre. there would be no league of legends or other free MOBA's without this game that started out as a mod for wc3.

these games were what set the stage for the games our generation love to today. i think for myself diablo and starcraft were the games that got me hooked.
i'll never forget how badly i wanted to get a computer or the days i would play sick so i could stay home and run bgh with my buddies. heck even going to internet cafes after school for an hour with pals was a thing because of some of these games.
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Oct 15, 2006
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Leisure Suite Larry. made a huge impact in my young life...
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Jan 5, 2017
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The thing that makes a game the greatest game is replay ability. So it has to be multiplayer.
Starcraft 1?
Jun 14, 2015
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Lets not forget GTA .... all the big name games thesedays are open world games.
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Jun 20, 2016
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XCOM - UFO enemy unknown (the original).. if we're going to pick a category, this must hold the strategy crown
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Nov 18, 2006
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Mario Bros.
Mario 64
Mario Galaxy
Resident Evil 4
Zelda Ocarina of Time
Zelda Wind Waker
SNES Super Castlevania 4
Punch Out
Super C Contra
Street Fighter 2
Warcraft 2
Dune 2
Mortal Kombat 1/2
Mario Kart
Wii Sports
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Sep 3, 2007
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Pokemon Blue/Red...beautiful memories and fun times. I remember link battles during recess and wrecking them kids.
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Sep 10, 2004
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Counterstrike hands down. No other game comes even close for me.

But to be honest, we should have 2 categories, 1) Online and 2) Single Player Only.

The experiences in a SP game are finite, whereas multiplayer focused games have hundreds, or even thousands of hours of replayability. Its not a fair comparison.
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Mar 13, 2008
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I've played DOTA consistently for the past decade, so that is my pick for PC.

For consoles, it's Ocarina of Time. I've replayed it several times since I first beat it a decade back as well.
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