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What hp software should i take off startup?

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  • Dec 27th, 2008 10:52 am
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Sep 27, 2008
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What hp software should i take off startup?

Just wanting to optimize this hp laptop I just bought so was hoping to get rid of alot of the hp startup software. When i'm looking them up though all I seem to get is that they are safe and its up to me if I want to take them off. so was just wondering if anyone knows which ones I should probably keep, and which ones to get rid of.

HP QuickPlay Qpservice.exe
HP Quick Launch Buttons QlbCtrl.exe
HP QuickTouch On Screen Display HPKBDAPP.exe
HpqSRmon Application hpqSRmon.exe
HP Health Check Scheduler HPHC_Scheduler.exe
hpwuSchd Application HPWuSchd2.exe
HP Wireless Assistant HPWAMain.exe

IDT Audio sttray.exe

thanks for any help
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Oct 24, 2003
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only one that looks like it would do something usefull would be the Wireless Assistant one

all other ones look like crappy stuff
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Oct 1, 2004
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None of them seem to do anything useful except hog resources.

I recently did the same thing to my Dell laptop and killed off quite a few Dell apps.
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Jan 21, 2008
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The first thing I did when I purchased my Dell XPS laptop was reformat and install the bare minimum. Everything you have listed there is useless and is going to bog down the performance of your machine.

My advice: format the computer and reinstall.
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Sep 27, 2008
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thanks for the advice. I think I will just cancel all those startup programs and see how the performance is after that. If it still seems slow I may try a reformat. Thanks again.
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Feb 6, 2003
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You may be able to use Windows Defender to disable the startup programs. If everything works, you can then remove them.
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Nov 11, 2006
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do a clean winXP install if u have 3gb or less ram
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Apr 17, 2003
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I would say, remove whichever one you can live without or the ones that you have no idea about.

Those will be the ones that you can remove from the Startup.
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Nov 15, 2008
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It depends of what features you use on the laptop that are provided by HP's software.

If you do not use the QuickPlay media center clone, then you can disable qpservice.exe

If you do not use the quickplay and dvd button on your laptop, then you can disable qlbctrl.exe

If you don't like the on screen volume control when you use the volume slider then you can disable hpkbdapp.exe

HP Wireless Assistant is self-explanatory.

HP Health Check is also self-explanatory.

hpqSRmon.exe and HPWuSchd2.exe can also be safely disabled.

sttray.exe is the logo of the audio card manufacturer sitting in the system tray, you can turn that off because it has no function.

I disabled all of those when I got my HP laptop. :D

Also, make sure you get the latest drivers for your laptop, because it speeds it up a lot. I suggest you go to and find a suitable driver for your laptop. Also remember to uninstall all the trial crap on your computer that HP installs on it.