What is legal size of stuff sticking out of trunk of car? (GTA)

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  • Aug 5th, 2006 6:47 pm
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May 10, 2003
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What is legal size of stuff sticking out of trunk of car? (GTA)

How do I find out whether the MALM Ikea bed I wanna buy will be allowed in the trunk of my Civic? I think it won't completely fit as it's too long.

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Mar 23, 2004
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Well the protrusion from the trunk isn't that important, it's how dangerous the protrusion is or could easily become based on how it is secured in the car. It must be secured properly and can't be such that it can easily be flapping around or possibly able to touch the ground, etc. Unsecured load is a very large fine in Ontario, however usually those tickets are given out to drivers of trucks and commercial vehicles that have their loads improperly or inadequately secured.

But why force something to fit in your trunk and have it half hanging out, especially when it's a new bed? Why not get it delivered or get someone you know with a pickup truck or minivan to help you out?
Aug 7, 2005
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make sure they won't come off from your car!!!

I was driving north on 404 last Sat night and on the fast and second left lane besides the Steeles exit, there was one of those ladder for the window cleaners were on the second left lane!!!!
it was soooooo dangerous! and I saw few cars parked on the shoulder and the drivers were calling for help...

please be careful!
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Sep 6, 2002
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just make sure its properly secured and you have a Red flag at the back. Not to rep RFD or anything (I know bad joke) but to alert other drivers of just how close the object is.

I saw someone get pulled over on the QEW for a flapping bed. Stay off the highway and use your 4-ways
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