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What mittens to buy? (Calgary winters)

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Aug 15, 2018
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What mittens to buy? (Calgary winters)

Hi all,

I bought gloves but they aren't very warm. I was told mittens are best.

Can anyone recommend a good brand/model that would work for very cold weather? Ideally 100$ maximum.

Thanks in advance,
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Oct 27, 2009
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I understand that Calgary gets very cold and that the streets don't get salted. I'd suggest insulated gloves (even work gloves for cold temperatures from Home Depot) because mittens (knit or fleece 1) don't grip things well especially if you are carrying plastic bags or totes of groceries and 2) are pretty useless on their own when it feels like -10C or colder! Gloves are better for when you have to haul yourself over snowdrifts or windrows left on sidewalks or helping someone push something out of snow or shovelling snow/chipping ice.

However, stretchy mittens over gloves give you about an extra 10C of warmth if you are facing -20C temperatures. Just the grip issue is a hassle (door handles are hard to grab with two fabric layers over your hands).
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