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What Tree's Have You Planted In Your Yard

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  • Jul 1st, 2007 10:42 am
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Jan 1, 2007
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What Tree's Have You Planted In Your Yard

I have another tree thread going but I am looking for more feedback. What tree's have you planted in your yard and why? Please give detailed info if your up to it. I think myself personally am more interested in in esthetics although I do have a south facing lot which has sun all day front then back but the yard is not too big and I don't think I am looking for anything for shade purposes.
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May 1, 2003
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Have a 40 year old oak tree in my front yard, and an apple tree in the back along with a lilac bush. The trees were there when I moved in, but oak isn't that common here and its a nice big tree.
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Nov 21, 2004
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Russian Olive and Shubert Chokecherry in front yard - just to give a great look (silver and red), lots of shade on my office window so it doesn't overheat.

Swedish Aspens on the side- shield part of the side yard from the roadway.

Pear - nice blooms in the spring
Brandon Elm - Nice stately tree. Big and shady
Mountain Ash - Interest leaves, colour and berries.
Blue Pines - something for colour in the winter
Amur Cherry - shade the corner of the deck, give the birds something to eat