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what your top 3 hardest bosses or wtf moments in video game history?

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Oct 22, 2009
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Starting from the Atari era of games and then on to the NES (I had the Family Computer or Famicom version of NES which was the Japanese/Asian version of the console with much smaller cartridges) and then SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Sega Saturn, Amiga 500+ (Then Amiga 4000 ..the professional desktop version), Sega Game Gear, Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 2, then finally now with Playstation 3.

I have to agree with several of the posters above, the 8 bit era and some of the 16 bit era games were definitely MUCH harder to beat or finish than today's games. That was because we didn't have that much choice or games released as we do now..and saving was not much of an option until later on in 16-bit games (with battery backup games like Super Mario world etc.). We had to rely on level passwords to go back to the beginning of a level...IF we were lucky to have a game that allowed level passwords.

I have beaten/finished every single game that I have ever played except for 2 games...and I am talking about 8-bit games now...as they were hard. Not all of them but several were pretty hard. I was a hardcore gamer up until a few years ago...I just don't play as many games now as I used to as one gets older and busier with life...I tend to collect them and only play the ones I really want to play till the end and beat them with today's and last gen's games..as there are too many games and I have too many unplayed games on hand still.

Anyway, those 2 8 bit games were Ghosts & Goblins and Battletoads. I loved Battletoads...but I reached the level before the last level in the game (I discovered that it was the second to last level years later from a magazine or online..I can't recall)...and it was insanely hard I always ran out of lives and could not beat the game. I also read that the game was pretty buggy when they released it that the difficulty was partially attributed to some of the bugs in the game's code.

But man that game and Ghost and Goblins were really tough games. I beat the Ninja Gaiden games which were also hard...and the dogs someone mentioned were really cheap in there attacks in the game I agree...it gets frustrating.

I also played a lot of Japanese only Famicom and Super Famicom import games (NES & SNES games) that were hard not only in the game but because the cartridges were in Japanese...I beat them only by guessing or memorizing by trial and error what each option or word would say. Sometimes if I figured out that a kanji word was a level password...I would literally have to draw the letters on a piece of paper to be able to put it back in the game later to reach a level (for example Captain Tsubasa part 1 and 2 on the Famicom...fully japanese Soccer/Football RPG/animated game based on a popular Japanese Anime TV Series. The games were by TECMO and I think they released a hybrid - English version that is crappy compared to the Japanese versions in the US/Europe but without the same characters or anime art style from the Japanese Show/Games...I think it was called Tecmo Stadium or something like that).

Fun times and lots of Nostalgia! :)
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Nov 15, 2005
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The only one I can think of now was the butterfly-like boss in Shinobi for the Ps2. I remember having to run on the circular wall until you got the opportunity to attack it. If you fell off then it was into the lava. Never was able to beat that boss, I always thought WTF while fighting it.


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