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Locked: What are your UP/DOWN vote factors?

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  • Aug 11th, 2017 6:13 pm
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Sep 21, 2010
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What are your UP/DOWN vote factors?

Let's see how likable you are to others and non-critical you are of others (the higher the #, the more you are). :D

Go to your profile and divide the UPs by the DOWNs received to get your likability factor, e.g. for me right now, it's 550/169=3.3

Go to your profile and divide the UPs by the DOWNs given to get your non-critical factor, e.g. for me right now, it's 819/31=26.4

It's all relative but I guess the likability factor could be higher but I definitely like to commend more than criticise others.
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Oct 13, 2009
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18.46 - likeability

91.75 - criticalness

I only give downvotes to really egregious posts that are more than deserving. Also I hate the fact that it's an anonymous downvoting system. If I give a downvote I want the person to know I gave them a downvote.
Firebolt wrote:
Feb 12th, 2016 1:09 pm
give lots of head for sick knee fadez, give lots of lap dances for ca$h wallet fades. Always pop that leg when kissing for dope honey combs, knee lots of mans in the crotch for killer whiskers, low ride like an og for them stacks. And traintracks? Only achievable by a legend in the denim game
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Feb 23, 2015
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I rarely give a downvote but when I do, it is called for.
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May 17, 2005
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received u/d 314 - 7
given u/d 189 - 3

looks good ... but if the "off topic" had "up/down" it would change just a bit ... Winking Face
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Jan 27, 2004
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Usually if its a reallt dumb thread like
"hi my name joe blow. Im new to rfd. I did something reallt stupid & idiotic which is completely my fault. How do i not take responsibility for my actions?"

We get about 17 trillion of these threads on a weekly basis.
Mar 6, 2015
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How can I not get downvotes?
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Aug 16, 2010
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cybercavalier wrote:
Aug 10th, 2017 11:59 pm
How can I not get downvotes?
Either don't post or hope the Admins do away with the utterly useless downvote system.
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Jan 7, 2007
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Mines are 7.08 and 1.82. I don't give one bit whether someone likes me or not. I'm not here looking for love. I give down votes to posters who would just post stupid things like Lol! Or AF! If this forum had the ability to down votes, I would downvote this thread simply because it is in the wrong forum.
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Sep 27, 2003
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