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What's the best and easiest website builder for Photographer's?

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  • Aug 8th, 2017 7:14 pm
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Sep 4, 2016
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What's the best and easiest website builder for Photographer's?

1) Need it easy to build from a choice of templates. I want to try to do it myself. I know all these sites, big black bag, wordpress, pixeset, squarespace all give lots of really nice and already done templates.
2) I am worried about the mobile build. How difficult is it to add a mobile build version into the site afterwards or should this be done right from the start? I am not a programmer and don't really know code outside of basic HTML so I will have to get a programmer to do the mobile build and test it across all mobile platforms.
3) Images must load quick especially on mobile.
4) How do you disable, right click, save as on any of your images once they are posted?
5) Must be able to run a basic online checkout system for digital downloads of photos.

Right now I am down to Square Space, Pixeset and Wordpress. I honestly can't tell a single difference between the 3.

Which is the best?
Which is the easiest to learn and most user friendly?
I don't need a super high tech site, I just need something simple, super clean but gets the job done.

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Aug 12, 2004
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I use Zenfolio for my website and been fairly happy with it, but everyone of of those will work. Note that Wordpress needs a little bit more elbow grease to get working properly even with a template. Most people will be happy with any.

Doing my website again, I would use Wordpress for higher customization.
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Jun 18, 2017
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I'd go Wordpress just for the size of the ecosystem. So many people are using it that there's tonnes of themes, plugins, etc. and generally if you run into a problem, it's one that someone else has already solved so you can Google it. Lastly it's so ubiquitous that the labour market for it is nearly commodified, meaning if you want to pay someone to work on it there's lots of people who know how to do it and it'll probably be cheaper than a more specialized system (e.g. Drupal, Django, etc.)

Your questions:
1) All of them have templates/themes
2) The "good" templates/themes will have mobile stuff built right in. Look for "responsive theme"
3) The images loading quick will be more from your hosting/server capacity/upstream connection than your platform choice, though Wordpress can be slow if there's lots of functionality/plugins going on
4) This is impossible to accomplish entirely; a simple javascript can pop those "nuh-uh!" windows when people right-click, but there's so many ways around it (disable javascript, use inspector, view source, etc). Consider another method, like watermarking perhaps, to prevent image stealing.
5) You can use the WooCommerce plugin with Wordpress, it's an ecommerce add-on that is free. There's a few Wordpress plugins that can do simple checkout as well. I have no idea if Squarespace or Pixeset have that capability, having only made static display sites with them.
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Oct 5, 2004
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Squarespace is easier as it's simpler and that's the downside. It's also very expensive as you can runa Wordpress site for 1/5 of the cost.
WordPress is free, has a lot of options so it's better in the long run for you and your business. It's not that hard to learn about different options in Wordpress, just dedicated half a day watching Youtube videos. There's a reason why it's a number 1 platform. And if you don't know how to do certain things in Wordpress, there's always where you can hire someone for $5usd to have the job done for you.
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