What's a good deal on an XBOX One S?

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  • May 16th, 2018 11:17 am
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Oct 26, 2012
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What's a good deal on an XBOX One S?

Hey there!

I am in the market for an XBOX, but I am unsure how to guage what a good deal is. Currently Microsoft have offered deals on both variants of the XBOX One. The 500GB bundles are $299 ($50 off) and the 1TB are $310 ($60 off). These bundles are on sale on all major retailers as well, including Amazon where I currently have $75 in GC saved up.

The Kijiji and eBay markets are pretty scarce, I can barely find used consoles for ~$50 off of regular price.

The only other place I've seen with a good deal is Auctionmaxx are selling refurb 500GB and 1TB models for $180 and $200.

So are these good deals? Should I wait? I'd appreciate insight!