When buying used cars at dealerships, do they give you all these docs without asking?

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Sep 15, 2012
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When buying used cars at dealerships, do they give you all these docs without asking?

My family is looking to purchase a used 2012 camry with 100,000km or less on it, and I was wondering if these things listed below are offered by the dealerships without us asking for them. Also, do we really need a carproof assessment of the car if they give us the UVIP? How are they different? And for the carproof assessment, what do we need from the dealer?


1) A Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) - this gives you the history of the vehicle and shows if there are any liens
2) Safety Standard Certificate - you'll need a mechanic to inspect the vehicle and certify that the vehicle is safe to drive on the road
3) Emissions Test - you'll need proof that an emissions test was conducted and passed within the last 30 days

Green vehicle portion signed by seller
Green plate portion(yours) if your are transferring or attaching existing plates
Completed long green form(have this done before you line up, some clerks may not allow you to complete this at counter and will make you go back in line again)
(Supplementary short green form if the plates are owned other than yourself, affidavits req)
Appraisal value if bought significantly below UVIP values
Pink insurance slip
Greenbacks to pay taxes
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May 28, 2012
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uvip - no. Dealers do NOT have tp provide you with that. The reason for the uvip is for you to see the history and know that there are no liens outstanding. When buying from a dealer they already have cleared this when they purchased the vehicle.
Safety - yes, generally you get this
ETest - yes, generally you get this, although I don't think that would be applicable for a 2012

Generally the dealer will also take care of all the registration and plate transfer stuff as well.
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Nov 10, 2012
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Long story short - you should get all OEM documentation that comes with car

You bring your own plates, and the plate portion of your ownership (green card)
If you are getting new plates, that is taken care of by them.

Unless the car is being sold as is no warranties, the safety and e test is done by the dealer.

Insure the car for the date of pickup - and have the pink slip ready

Get a CarProof from the dealer - they should give it to you if you ask, and don't ask, demand.

Pay the dealer with a certified cheque/bank draft on the date of pickup - its the total purchase price less your deposit.

The list you've provided is for private sale cars - you often pay the dealer the admin fee to do all this for you, or if you do not, car is being sold as is.
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Jul 22, 2006
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Get some independent body to inspect the car