When moving to the states

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Jul 11, 2007
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When moving to the states

Hi folks,

I will be moving to the states for 1 year to work (already obtained visa).
As I drive my sedan and cannot fit all of my belongings, my parents will help me move my stuff in their car (SUV).

When I'm bringing stuff with me at the border, is there a form I need to fill out? or anything I need to be aware of?

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Oct 27, 2009
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I'd look at the US Customs site. I know from having once having to clear a supplier's display gear to get into Canada through customs, a form needed to be done so that there'd not be a big $$$ attached to the equipment coming across the border for a one or two day event here. ... elative-or ... Rsbg%3D%3D
Seems you'll have to supply a notarized letter for your parents to bring through your other stuff (itemized of course). ... Rsbg%3D%3D

One thing I do remember-if anything crossing the border is not on the list, Customs can hold your stuff at the border until someone provides the updated form. I've had to deal with suppliers wanting to supply my then employer with promotional items but no one on the sending side gave me an invoice ahead of our shipment crossing date (I had to clear things with customs broker at a set time one day in advance of crossing) with a token value and Canada Customs does not take $0.00 as an item value. Some shipments got parked until the corrected or additional forms got to Customs. Trust me, don't do that.
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