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Where to buy cheapest floor jack and torque wrench? (To change tires)

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  • Jan 11th, 2018 12:10 am
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Oct 19, 2006
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Cheap floor jack. Yeah we tried that and only that the first year my brother decided to change his own tires. Luckily the emergency jack was able to lift the car back up after the cheap CT job failed with the wheel off. And a good thing the car was a lease cause the BMWs only have some places for jacks and lots of under body plastic panels, one of which was damaged slightly in the incident.

You should be getting jack stands if you want to be safe than sorry. And if you want to make your wheels comes off smoothly (especially alloys) next year you need a bottle of anti-cease. Also a tire crayon to mark up which wheel is which will help with rotating your wheels.

Finally, are you use to physical labour? Even as someone who's in pretty good shape the job especially when I use to do 2 cars and moving essentially 16 wheels (wife's are ginormous) up and down stairs to and from basement storage (a major motivation to build a shed), was exhausting. So now I do my own and we pay our 3rd party garage a few bucks to do her's since again her wheels are crazy heavy and big, not worth the cost of say a back injury.