Where to find scholarships

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  • Nov 6th, 2017 12:49 pm
Oct 29, 2017
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Where to find scholarships

Hey guys, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately doing research on the best way to find and apply to scholarships. Thought I’d share my findings so far :)

Where to look:

1. Scholarship Websites:
2. Guidance counsellors. Ask them about any local scholarships available.

3. Parent’s workplace. Your parent’s company might offer a scholarship, and if they do they likely don’t get many applications. Also a good idea to ask your parents to ask their friends if their company provides a scholarship.

4. Financial Aid website for schools that you’re interested in. Should be able to find it easily with Google.

Application tips:
  • Even if you don’t think you 100% qualify, still apply. Apparently a lot of scholarships don’t get a lot of applications so you still might have a good chance at winning!
  • Make a calendar of application deadlines and plan which ones you'll apply to that way you don't miss any. I use Google calendar so I can set reminders.

If you know of any good websites or resources please comment! :)