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Who else got an email for a Bell Class Action Suit?

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  • Mar 19th, 2017 10:00 am
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Oct 8, 2012
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Who else got an email for a Bell Class Action Suit?

Got an email titled, "Bell Rounding Up Class Action"

The email reads, "A class action against Bell Mobility has been allowed to proceed by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The action alleges that Bell Mobility breached its contracts with customers and consumer protection legislation by its billing practice of rounding up calls to the next full minute. A class action has been certified in relation to this billing practice for Bell Mobility customers between August 18, 2006 and October 1, 2009.

There has been no determination as to whether the action will succeed and Bell Mobility denies any liability.

If you were a Bell Mobility customer during this time, you may be eligible to receive compensation in the event of a judgment against Bell Mobility.

Class Members are automatically included in the class action and need not do anything at this time if they wish to participate. If you wish to exclude yourself from the class action and not be bound by subsequent orders you can opt out by April 30, 2017.
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