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Who the hell would actually buy this for $499.99??? WTF?

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  • Feb 5th, 2018 4:44 pm
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Oct 9, 2010
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My GF killed a bunch of Conair/Babyliss/Remington/etc "drugstore" type blowdryers; by her admission, one per year.

So, I bought her the Dyson one (I paid $300-ish, which was still a complete ripoff); figure, as long as it lasts ~4 years, it'd be worth it. It had gone back in for repairs 5 times (cross-shipped each one), the 5th time we got a new one in box, so I sold it (for more than I bought it for, thankfully). That is over about 2.5 years, believe it or not. GF is French, and she was pretty unhappy about the Dyson experience, so I bought her a Masterpiece Pro Ionic to win back some points; looks stupid, but it had good reviews, and seems to be made with parts sourced with reliability in mind. It functionally works a LOT better than the Dyson, and has lasted about 1.5 years so far with no signs of giving up. The Dyson DOES have one good feature; the sound it makes is the least annoying of any blowdryer I've ever heard. I suppose warrantee is pretty good too.

FWIW: GF's hair is waist length, and she straightens it 2-3 times/week; that blowdryer gets a lot of miles on it.
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