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Locked: Why is a thread Locked vs Deleted?

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  • Oct 24th, 2017 11:12 am
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Why is a thread Locked vs Deleted?

Just curious as I was looking for a thread I posted in earlier today in the Automotive section titled "Parking Lot Ding - Am I Screwed?" (can't remember the OP's screen name). In it, the OP first said his g/f witnessed his car getting door dinged and then later on said his g/f was actually asleep in the car when it happened but woke up to a "loud noise." The OP also admitted to vandalizing the other person's car a few days later by intentionally banging his car door into the other guy's car as revenge.

How do mods decide whether to just lock a thread from further posting versus erasing the entire thread from RFD? Is there a set criteria? I would think just locking the thread would preserve the posts already made yet prevent further discussion. This would have future value as RFD members can still read it and see the OP's questionable behaviour.

Which also brings up another point - why does RFD allow a thread creator to request a thread to be locked? Just because a discussion is no longer going in his/her favour should not be a reason. If they don't like the responses, they can just stop going into the thread. But the RFD community should be allowed to continue a discussion with or without the OP's participation. In my opinion, once a thread is started, in belongs in the public (RFD) domain and our collective contributions to a thread should not be erased.
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Jun 17, 2013
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It depends on the thread and is at the discretion of our moderation staff. Like you mentioned there are valid times to leave a thread in tact because it does has some value and in those cases we'll normally lock the thread. Other times if it has no value it'll be deleted.

Yes OP's can request the deletion or locking of their own threads. When we receive those requests we don't instantly do what the request was but rather we evaluate the situation and determine the best course of action. If we feel a thread has good value but the OP wants to separate themselves from it we'll usually just delete their posts from it (if possible).
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