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[Once] Win $25 from WagJag (ends April 10, 2012) (fb users)

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Win $25 from WagJag (ends April 10, 2012) (fb users)

For facebook users only:
Easter Egg Hunt Information
*Follow the clues and find Penny the Penguin
*Once you’ve found Penny, follow her instructions to make your submission
*The contest runs until 12 noon (ET) on Tuesday April 10th. To be eligible, your submission must be made by this time.
*The winner will randomly selected and contacted in response to the private message they provide us on Facebook.

Clue #1: Penny wants you to be fully informed before starting this hunt. The second clue is located on this Facebook page where WagJag answers the things you need to know. leads to forum

Clue #3: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, $25 in WagJag bucks! Find Penny hiding in some WagJag swag (to find the album, be sure to press the “See all” button, as we have a lot of new ones in the works). To help narrow your search, she’s indulging in the festive cheer of another holiday by serenading fellow WagJag members with her favourite nursery rhyme, “To market, to market.” leads to this picture

Instructions if you want to skip the hunt:
Send Wagjag a pm referencing "WagJag Easter Hunt"

Good luck.
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Pass. Good luck. Cheers.
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