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Jan 16, 2005
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I’d do a fresh install win10. Have both drives connected and copy data over. Ssd’s take no time to install windows 10. Updates take longer. It will be activated when done. If room in case add a big cheap hdd for backup.

Once you figure out why the media creation tool is not working your golden. Make sure USB drive is 8 gb or more.

Go to www.ninite.com and quickly install the tools you’ll need.
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May 13, 2007
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shikotee wrote:
Dec 5th, 2018 11:27 pm
Next step - research in finding some reliable replacements for my primary default apps: mail, maps, music player, photo viewer, video player, and web browser. Want to find best functionality with emphasis on respect for my privacy.
music player - foobar2000
photo viewer - Restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 or for a powerful program - FastStone Image Viewer
video player - VLC media player

Alternatives to the data miners/exploiters
mail - ProtonMail
maps - OpenStreetMap
web browser - Vivaldi

(I do use Gmail, Google Maps, and Firefox for the most part)