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Oct 20, 2016
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I had a windshield replaced on my 2014 BMW 328i a few weeks ago at Auto Glass Worx. I called the shop with my information and 3 days later they already had the OEM glass waiting to be installed onto my car. I can now confirm that the job was very well done and after driving for a few weeks there are no problems that i can see. Ken was super friendly, offered some coffee and snacks while i waited. I was also given access to an ultra comfy lounge with a couch and a sofa and a large collection of movies to watch in the meantime. The whole service took just over an hour. I would definitely recommend this place, they do a great job on you car and I assure you they have one of the best if not the best customer services in Toronto.
Nov 12, 2011
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+1 for Ken and Roy at Auto Glass Worx. Replaced my front shield on my BMW 335i at a great price. Excellent service!!! I have a dash cam and Roy helped route the wire nicely, that shows you how well they take care of their customer. Will definitely use them again in the future.
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Apr 24, 2003
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ryeh7926 wrote:
Jan 30th, 2017 1:07 am
+1 for Ken and Roy at Auto Glass Worx. Replaced my front shield on my BMW 335i at a great price. Excellent service!!! I have a dash cam and Roy helped route the wire nicely, that shows you how well they take care of their customer. Will definitely use them again in the future.
How much did it cost to get your windshield replaced and is it with OEM glass? I have a M3 but I'm assuming it shares the same windshield as the 335i.

Mar 2, 2017
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I searched for a reputable auto glass place on google that was within the GTA and came across this thread.

I called Auto Glass Worx early this week and they sourced out a windshield for my 2012 Audi S4. Made an appointment today and I have to say they did such a great job I felt compelled to sign up here to give them a review.

Being pretty particular about my car they showed me how they cleaned the old sealer off and didn't reuse any of it like some installers do - I told them my concern was rust as I've had issues with that in the past. They let me see exactly what they did and they showed me the OEM sealer they use, the way they heat it up prior to installation and the intricate details of the install.

I also did mention I found out about them through red flag deals and they gave me a discount as well, the price was very reasonable for a place that does such good work. I will continue to go to them even though I live on the other side of the city.

Mar 3, 2017
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After noticing a visually obstructive crack in my windshield on the last day of the freezing winter month of December, I needed a repair immediately. I knew I would not have any time after returning to work to tend to this repair, as a result I looked up and found Auto Glass Worx. I decide to call Ken after reading the plethora of stellar reviews other patrons have left for him on the Red Flag Deals forums. His price was fair and on point with other mainstream auto glass shops, Speedy and Apple. Ken and I had a delightful conversation for 45 minutes. Not once during this conversation did I sense a hint of annoyance or passive aggressiveness. Ken educated me on the different types of glass in the market and described to me in great detail the procedure his shop takes to ensure that the windshield is fitted perfectly and correctly. I called right before he closed shop and Ken was able to squeeze me into his already packed schedule for a 10am appointment. Amazing!
I arrived the very next day and was greeted, offered a variety of refreshments and a large movie selection. His waiting room was nicely appointed with comfortable couches and a large flat screen TV. While Ken and his crew worked on my vehicle, sat back and enjoyed “The Mechanic”. As someone who babies his FRS better than he babies his own girlfriend, I am extremely, undeniably watchful of who I let work on my car. Knowing that I was very detail oriented, Ken invited me into the shop to take a look at his workmanship in between different phases of the repair. I was very impressed with the detail he put into the replacement. I saw that Ken used primer around the entire window frame as promised, unlike the other big box companies that “promised” just to touch up where ever there were scratches caused by the replacement. I was very impressed with the work! Ken’s brother also offered to tuck away my dashcam wires behind the A pillar trim so that the wire would no longer dangle and be an eye sore. In addition Ken also supplied me with some 3M double sided tape for the base of the dashcam so that I would not have to go out and find some after the windscreen replacement. I also noticed that Ken actually order a nicer windscreen for me than agreed on but didn’t charge me for the upgrade. Originally I ordered a windscreen without the top portion tinted but I got one with it. Major kudos!
Still, I thought to myself, even after such a wonderful experience at his shop, I told myself that I would wait two months and see if his replacement was actually good. After two months of daily driving I can confidently say, there are no scratches around my window frame as a result of this replacement, there are no water leaks, there are no dangling wires, the top tinted portion saves my eyes during sunrise and sunset and last but not least, I’ve noticed that there is significant reduction in wind noise after the replacement. Another bonus.
In conclusion, I would strongly recommend Ken’s Auto Glass Worx, to anyone who is in need of a windscreen replacement, without hesitation!
Mar 22, 2017
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Mississauga, ON
All the recommendations for Auto Glass Worx on RFD led me to reach out to them prior to posting my car for sale to confirm that the 'coke bottle' crack on my windshield necessitated replacement for safety certification. Ken asked me to text him a picture, confirmed that it would require replacement, and immediately provided a very competitive quote. When I found a buyer and told them that I could get the windshield replaced for only $250 ('03 Hyundai Elantra) it really eased their mind. Ken got me in on a moment's notice and when I arrived, he specifically asked his associate to make me and my baby daughter comfortable in his waiting room. Unparalleled service! Professional, personal, pleasant and economical. Thanks RFD for pointing me to this gem!!

In case anyone is wondering whether the quality of work is on par with OEM, Auto Glass Worx does windshields and glass replacements for several large dealerships in the GTA.
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Dec 15, 2013
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North of Toronto
I went there today after hearing all the positive reviews and buzz around this place.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs to get their windshield replaced or get a repair done.

Very friendly staff, quick service, great price and most importantly, high quality repair.

Thanks again!
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May 18, 2002
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LOL at the posts in here, just joined with one post in this thread, written in same style. Hi Ken ;)
That said, I actually did get mine done there last year and was happy.
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May 30, 2009
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Richmond Hill
I shopped around for some price and I came across this thread.
I just got my windshield replaced by Ken (Auto Glass Worx).
Amazing service and price was great!

Plus: I had my dash cam wires just sitting around my car and Ken neatly organized it into the windshield/glove compartment.

I highly recommend Ken and thank you guys for posting it here.

And thanks Ken!
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Dec 27, 2013
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I used Auto Glax works for my cracked windshield.

I was very happy with the service. very friendly owner. Ken was awesome. gave me some advice that I didn't know
(if you notice a chip, put some tape on it until you can get it fixed)

had comfy couches.. threw on a movie... gave me the wifi password... was in and out in no time at all (aprox just under 3 hours)... also was very accommodating and great communication.

very happy. would use again and would highly recommend.
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Jun 27, 2017
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I had my windshield replaced here 3 weeks ago. So far so good. Can confirm the superb service. Ken is the man! Everything about the work done to my car was of premium quality.
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Jun 9, 2007
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Richmond Hill, ON
I went there about 2 years ago to have my windshield replaced. During the install, they ended up leaving some scratches on my roof. Now they're turning into rust spots.


Ken and Roy promptly contacted me the same day after I posted my review. Ken offered to have my windshield removed and the rust repaired. They told me typically that this doesn't happen and that it was a first. I'll be going to their stop either today tomorrow to drop off my car. I will update my post after the work has been done.

Edit 2-

Met with Ken and had everything fixed to my satisfaction. I can attest to others he has extremely great customer service and a friendly guy. Highly recommended.
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Apr 8, 2010
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Alot of the recent posts in this thread sound so fake.
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Signing up for Koodo / Public Mobile ? 😉
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Dec 7, 2011
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Theory wrote:
Jun 30th, 2017 12:41 pm
I went there about 2 years ago to have my windshield replaced. During the install, they ended up leaving some scratches on my roof. Now they're turning into rust spots.
PM me your info and I'll look into it. If you could, send me your invoice number and pictures. Thanks