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WizardPuff, does anyone have experience with vendor

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  • Sep 2nd, 2014 2:46 pm
Sep 1, 2014
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Mississauga, ON

WizardPuff, does anyone have experience with vendor


Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area, I was unsure where this belonged.

I am interested in purchasing a Vapormax V made by FlowerMate and I came across a vendor online named Wizard Puff based out of Scarborough. Sadly they do not do local pickup so I cannot take a first hand look at the merchandise, but was wondering if anyone has any experience buying anything from there. I read on a few forums that they sold clones of certain tanks or something, so I want to ensure this is the real thing before I shell out close to a $100. They claim to be official resellers but after reading that I am hesitant ... =745940755

that is the link to the product. Any advice would be great.