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Worst/horrible experience ever,with Bedroom Depot Calgary

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  • Dec 23rd, 2008 5:43 pm
Dec 22, 2008
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Worst/horrible experience ever,with Bedroom Depot Calgary

I got a bedroom set from bedroom depot in the middle of September. After they were delivered in couple of weeks, I found that there is a little dent on the headboard and a long crack on the foot board.they also delivered me the wrong size rail (that means i can't even assemble my bed and use it. chest and drawers have other small defects too, but they don't need to be replaced). called them and they said it's the manufacture's handling and shipping problem. so ok, they promised me to order me a new bed.

During October, I called them and checked the status of my order, the sale person almost forgot about my issue and I remind him my issue and he said my order will arrive in couple of weeks. I kept calling them during the month to check the status and they finally said the order is in their warehous and would be delivered in the night of the last thurday of October. However, my girl friend and I went back home early that night and waited at home for the delivery. two hours later, nothing happend. called them again the second day, he said he forgot that I changed the shipping day from Staturday to Thursday and arranged me the delivery on the last Sat. of October. same thing happend. called them again and i was told that they order the wrong size bed. During this period, I never received a single phone from them to notify me anything, but I was very nice and patient to them. I waited during November, there was nothing, and they kept promising me the bed will arrive in couple of weeks and said it is Masin's problem because they didn't get it delivered to their store. since i was busy on my company project and we got queen bed at home, I gave them a plenty of time to resolve this problem.(however, the store manager did not appreciated my patience and kindness at all).

In early Dec, I called the sale person and reminded him the problem again, and he was supprised that it is not resolved because he passed this issue to him manager and thought the order has arrived, I said no, nothing is here yet, he apologized to me and he will follow up and get it done asap.During last week, I kept calling them, both talked with the sale person and manager and they told me they have talked to Masin main office about this issue and will get it here very soon by the weekend, so I waited but nothing again. I was told the truck was delayed because of the snow. Ok, I agreed with them, but I was losing my patience and set a deadline for them which is today, Tuesday. If I don't received by then, I would like to do the refund. sale person said ok. They also kept saying it is Masin's problem, but I said, that's nothing to do with me. I paied you guys for the bed. it is your responsibility to get it here.

this morning i called the manager and I was told it will arrive tomorrow and he will get it delivered to me right after it get to the store.I said Ok, I want the bed, but I have been hearing the same thing repeatly from you guys and what if it is not here tomorrow, I would like the refund if it is not here, otherwise I am going to cancel the transaction and go to the court (not sure if this will work out though). I have been so nice and patient to you guys. I can't just wait like this. I can't imagine what happend is this guy got mad at me, and kept saying they did deliver me a bed (yah, right, a bed with wrong size rails) and he doesn't need this. he also threatened that they dont have to do this (deliver me the bed tommorrow) for me in Christmas. and said you want the bed tomorrow or in January. he will ship me the bed in Jan. he repeated the same crap a few time and not even not allow me to talk and hang up the phone. I was so mad and call the sale person about this. he said they actually talked with the driver who has the bed now. the bed is on the way and he will arrange the shippement tmr. He kept appologizing to me.

During the last 3 months, the sale person was quite nice and kept appologizing to me every time and I appreciated that. I can't imagine that someone would hire such a freaking manager to operate the store. he said he doesnt need this, doesnt need my **** and complaines at christmas time. is that supposed to mean I, as a customer, who has been waiting for more 3 month, should take all of this, being frustrated and can not even say a single word?? I would like to enjoy my X'mas too. Personally, I will never and ever go to this store again and not recommended to anyone because this kind of situation would happend to you as well. I also get furniture from Ashley, their service was great, nothing to worry about at all. they took care of everything and was being very pro-active.

I will see what happend tommorrow. anyone has any good ideas if it is not resolved tomorrow? Thanks.
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Jan 24, 2008
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kousuku wrote:
Dec 23rd, 2008 2:11 pm
I will see what happend tommorrow. anyone has any good ideas if it is not resolved tomorrow? Thanks.
If it's not resolved tomorrow tell them to pick up the original bedroom set and give you a full refund. Then go and buy a new bedroom set somewhere else. You've given them enough chances to correct the problem.