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[Always] WOW ---- New and used cars from US up to 30% cheaper - Read post #1

Poll: Are Canadian cars overpriced

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I have no voice, Canadian Dealers/Manufacturers are taking advantage of the Canadian consumer
In most cases, new cars purchased in the US are almost always thousands cheaper
I owe no one a living, competition is good. Thank you NAFTA!
With the exchange rate factored in, Canadian prices are roughly the same
With the exchange rate and financing, Canadian prices are cheaper - Buy Canadian!

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Mar 19, 2017
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I ended up going with for the ITN#. There were some problems identifying the Title# (some states don't have a clearly defined one), and brokers were telling me I needed it while the DMV was saying it doesn't exist. A lot seemed confused by the process themselves and contradicted stuff I learned or read here. I got fed up with it and went with clearit. It's 150 so significantly more expensive but they handle everything and helped with choosing a port of entry with the different rules and hours for vehicle exports. I did all my research beforehand so I knew most of it but it was nice to have confirmation and for someone looking for a simpler process it's pretty smooth with them so far. Will update once I get my ITN.