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WSIB insurance for occasional workers (Ontario)

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  • Dec 2nd, 2017 9:01 pm
Feb 23, 2015
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Mississauga, ON

WSIB insurance for occasional workers (Ontario)

Client hires occasional workers for their warehouse and renovation work. They often work at heights or handle heavy items.
Most work for a day or a few days.
How to insure them so my client is not liable for injuries?

I know I can get all the info from WSIB site or calling them but its not so clear.
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May 29, 2012
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Southern Ontario
I’m not expert here
I guess it comes down to are these people employees or contractors?
There is an article on WSIB website to sort this out.

It sounds from your post that they are not treated as contractors

So as employees you have to call into WSIB and get their worker class added to your account and when you do your remittance make sure their pay is multiplied by the appropriate rate and paid.

If they were contractors I think you should be asking for clearance certificate from contractor company but not sure on that.

I think if you search RFD there was a three were you could ask WSIB questions from somebody in the know