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WWYD? Question about an Amazon order

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  • Nov 14th, 2017 8:13 pm
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WWYD? Question about an Amazon order

I ordered a $10 item from Amazon in September. 2 months go by before I remember to check on it, and look up the order. Should have arrived after a month.

Contact seller through amazon's A to Z guarantee, seller says they will send a tracking number in 2 days. Nothing.

5 days later, I file a claim with amazon. Seller sends a tracking number. No other details. A few days go by and amazon decides in my favour and refunds my money.

Today the item arrives.

Keep it outright, or offer the seller a payment?
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Keep quiet, if the seller contacts you respond to them in 2 months.
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virgonomic wrote:
Nov 14th, 2017 4:22 pm
Keep it outright, or offer the seller a payment?
Or notify the seller that:
1. You did a claim with Amazon and got your money back, but...
2. You needed the item 2+ months ago but you no longer need it, so...
3. The seller is free to send you a prepaid return mailer or pick it up in person.

Given the $10 amount I doubt the seller will pay for a return or pick it up in person. So you can have your cake (the $10) and eat it too (the item) while also maintaining your honesty.
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Shop it back at their expense
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