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X-530 Super Loud Screeching, Left Speaker Only??

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Nov 20, 2009
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X-530 Super Loud Screeching, Left Speaker Only??

Logitech X-530 speaker system connected to PC motherboard audio.

While watching a movie, a horrible loud screeching noise came from the left speaker only during loud segments of the movie, lasting for only as second or two. After the movie, the left speaker started screeching at full volume non-stop. The volume knob had no effect on the volume. It sounded like a smoke alarm, only louder. I disassembled the sub/amp and saw no obvious defect on the circuit board (swollen caps, burnt traces, etc). The X-530 was plugged into my PC on-board sound outputs. What,on the circuit board, could cause such a high-pitched noise?

I had a spare system so I swapped subs and no problem. Bad caps cause a 60Hz hum, I believe, but what bad component could cause that noise from hell?