Yahoo (YHOO) - Poaches Mayer as CEO from Google

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  • Jul 17th, 2012 4:04 pm
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Sep 13, 2005
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Yahoo (YHOO) - Poaches Mayer as CEO from Google

Surprised this wasn't posted yet. Yahoo hired Marissa Mayer as the new CEO. At first I was very wow'd by her age (37) but then after looking at her resume, I started to have doubts if she can turn things around at Yahoo. With the churn of CEO's Yahoo has been through it's an uphill battle that Mayer has to fight. Or better yet she left Google since she's pissed at Page! :cheesygri

Not sure why but I find this move to hire Mayer more like a popularity thing to spice things up vs get some awesome technical skills from somebody that have proven they can turn around a company. Mayer have had no outside experience aside from Google. There's this old saying that it helps to have been around the block so you're more seasoned. I wish her all the best as she gives people like me a lot of hope that women is able to get to the top! ... d-bid.html

On the other hand she's a hottie! :twisted:
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