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You're doing this site a disservice and losing revenue

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  • May 30th, 2012 2:05 pm
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Feb 9, 2006
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Between the poor choice of moderators, heavy handed moderation.
The foolish sudden clean up of OT.
The outlandish early 2000 geocities style flashing banners and clutter.
The poor decision in the choice to eliminate or create certain sub-forums.

RFD went from a site that had value and distinction to just another site on the internet full of banners and rehashed flyers.

The edit highlighted below just future proves my point.
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Dec 7, 2005
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Well, I just tried on my IE9 install that doesn't have adblock. With Adblock I still see the main ad gallery control under the main menu header and I'd say half the ads on the right side are blocked but it honestly didn't feel that different. The ad along the top is a little unnecessary but then again, this site is free to use

If I had to guess, it feels like they're following the same "30% real-estate to ads" that sites like Facebook follow with most ad content pushed the the right side of the view. Maybe they can add a "ad free subscription" version for the users that find it annoying.

Also they get ad revenue from just displaying the ad to you (forget the official internet marketing term), more if you click it. Ad block does hurt them:
[QUOTE]Does this actually prevent ads from downloading?
Yes, but some ads still slip through as this feature isn't fully supported by Chrome yet. Please star Chromium issue 35897 if you want Chrome to implement this. Also we are not yet able to block ads that appear in other plugins, like Flash.[/QUOTE] ... wnloading?